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Ideas for a Romantic Retreat

I am looking to plan a romantic/birthday retreat for a female I just met. I was wondering if anybody has any ideas or recommendations to try. I was thinking of a bike ride, winery, and maybe a bed & breakfast. What are some great scenery places to start and end on the trail? First time on the Katy trail. Thanks!
posted Jun 23 2011 3:38PM - Ryan, Kirkwood

Rocheport. 2-miles off I-70.
posted Jun 24 2011 9:41AM - Anon

The KT thru Rocheport is my favorite part of the trail. We've stayed at the School House B&B in Rocheport twice and I highly recommend it. We ate at the Les Bourgeois Winery in Rocheport on 6/8 and it was very good (a little expensive). I believe you can also rent bikes in Rocheport.
posted Jun 24 2011 11:48AM - Todd, Kansas City

I agree with Todd - Schoolhouse B&B, ride the trail, end up with dinner that night at Les B. bistro, or if want a bit more casual, do the winery A Frame that is a steep hike up off the trail.
posted Jun 24 2011 4:35PM - zbiker

Where would a good spot to start if I wanted to end up in rocheport?
posted Jun 24 2011 8:59PM - Ryan, Kirkwood

All depends on how long you want to ride. I personally think the 25 miles from Hartsburg to Rocheport are some of the prettiest 25 miles of the Trail. It's about 12-15 miles from Boonville to Rocheport as I recall if you want to come from the west.
posted Jun 24 2011 9:03PM - Anonymous

Or would it be smart to start in rocheport and ride down the path then head back to rocheport to eat? Are these places good for 23ish year olds?
posted Jun 24 2011 9:04PM - Ryan, Kirkwood

Columbia to Rocheport is a good 20 mile ride. You can park in the parking garage just east of the Flat Branch trailhead. The spur to the Katy is a pretty ride. Have stayed at the Schoolhouse and it is mediocre at best. The rooms are small for the price. I wouldn't plan a romantic retreat there having stayed there. Hermann is a good option. Stay at Herman Hill or Hermanoff for a first class romantic retreat. Stonehill has a good tour as well as wine and restaurant. Hermanoff has a nice patio to enjoy music and wine. Hermann to Bluffton is a good ride along some pretty bluffs. For a nice side trip drive south west of Hermann and ride the ferry across the Gasconnade to the restaurant. The same folks run the Rivers Edge in Hermann.
posted Jun 24 2011 9:37PM - Anonymous

I hope I am not too late to vote for you to go to Rochport and stay at the SchoolHouse B & B. Ass others have noted the trail in that are is one of the most beautiful. I think the combination of the river,bluffs, looking out for the faint traces of indian paintings on the bluff all make this area memorable. Eat at Les Bougios (sp?) Winery. Also last year and I think the year before I was in Rochport when a local band played at the General Store. It was a wonderful way to end the evening. There is also a conservation area with a walking path that offered another nice thing to do.

But really, there's so many great places on the trail other than Rochport - Hatsburg, there's been great reviews of I think a B &B cabin - Monette's Cabin near Marthasville, I've stayed at The Little House B & B in Marthasville (but we had a car and could get to places to eat). At The Little House you have the whole house to yourself.

Have a great time whatever you end up doing.
posted Jun 25 2011 4:37PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

Kathy.....I'm surprised you wouldn't at least mention JC as a possibility. Staying at one of the JC B&Bs and taking an evening stroll around the Capitol grounds and the Governor's Garden can be very romantic.
posted Jun 25 2011 5:35PM - Jim, St Thomas

You are so right! My bad.

The Briar Rose and Cliff House get great reviews on here. Have a lovely dinner at O'Donohue's, or Prison Brews, enjoy live music at The Mission or experience our great Irish Pub, Paddy Malone's, do a prison tour, see the remarkable art in the Capitol.

I enjoy the Katy Trail in either direction from Jeff City. Well, really there is no part of the Katy Trail that I don't enjoy. It's all good!
posted Jun 25 2011 10:36PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

Try the hermann motel. If she is still with you at dawn, keep her. She is a person of loyalty, adventure, endurance and flexibility. Plus it will give stories to share with the grandkids - guaranteed!
posted Jun 27 2011 7:54PM - Anonymous

Anonymous, you are obviously joking. I would not wish that place on my ex-wife (well, maybe I would).

Hermann is nice town, but the trail, other than around the Treloar area, is not as interesting as the Rocheport/Jeff City section, in my opinion.
posted Jun 29 2011 1:39PM - zbiker

My husband and I biked end to end last summer. Schoolhouse Inn in Rocheport and Apple Gate in in Augusta were the most romantic places that we stayed. Both had the best breakfasts as well. Personally, I think the trail heading east from Rocheport is the best part of the trail. If you go to Rocheport, just know that the town is pretty much closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. At the Apple Gate Inn, we stayed ina room that had a outside entrance via a spiral staircase ... it was very nice. You also get to sign the wall in the breakfast room in the morning. Of course, where you go may depend on the flooding.
posted Jun 30 2011 8:16PM - PLP, Overland Park, KS

I am surprised that no one has mentioned the WORLD-CLASS Yates House B&B!!! We have stayed there 2 times and it is the most immaculate, BEAUTIFUL B & B we have EVER stayed at! And the breakfast is to DIE FOR!!! She is a world-class chef and you will NOT be disappointed; trust me! Also, the trail heading east as one person mentioned is the most beautiful part of the Katy Trail. I would however, check with the trail conditions before planning on a ride because it can flood there very easily because the river is so close. But it is definitely one of the highlights of the Katy Trail!!! Also, we have eaten at the Les Bourgeaus several times and it is wonderful. The view of the Missouri River at sunset is outstanding. However, when we plan to return we are heading to Abigail's in Rocheport for a nice dinner; she has GREAT reviews! And yes, there is a nice bike shop to rent bikes right there on the trail. Pet the dog! He is the sweetest!!!!
posted Jul 7 2011 5:17PM - Carol, Lee's Summit

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