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Pilot Grove-a pretty ride??

We have ridden from Boonville to Easley but haven't been back the other direction say Boonville to Clifton City. We are hoping to go in July. Can anyone tell me if the ride is pretty? Are there any shaded areas?
posted Jul 5 2011 11:44AM - Edwards, Overland Park

I know the Pilot Grove to Clifton City is a pretty ride. A lot of trees and rocks. Going west it is a coasting ride but when you turn around going east you've got a long incline. Rumor has it the Boonville to Pilot Grove has the steepest or longest incline. Riders have done it but they say it is the most difficult. Going to see for myself in the next couple of weeks. Enjoy and have fun with the adventure.
posted Jul 5 2011 7:01PM - Pam, Independence

Look at the elevation chart.....below the mileage chart. The incline...gradual up hill is when you ride west (south west) of Boonville. The coasting ride is into Boonville going east (north east). The trail is generally higher elevation on the western end.
posted Jul 6 2011 6:47AM - Trek

Correction from my earlier post. Going EAST it is coasting, Going WEST you have gradual uphill climb. Sorry.
posted Jul 6 2011 6:56PM - Pam, Independence

Hope I am not too late---Boonville to Clifton City and back is my favorite ride on the Katy--I think it is really pretty----more Ozark like than river oriented,deep woods and drop off to beautiful views of Clear Creek. Probably 90% shaded. I like the fact that there is a grade---200+ foot climb from Boonville to Pilot Grove then down about 150(?) to Clifton City---and like someone else mentioned the place you really feel it is climbing from east of Clifton City back to Pilot Grove---also carry your water-- don't think there is water at Cliton City trailhead.
posted Jul 14 2011 7:06PM - Anonymous

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