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Has anyone ever run the entire trail? If so in how many days? I plan on doing it in Nov. of 2006 when I turn 70
posted Dec 31 2005 9:13AM - DB

What a great goal! I wish you much success, sunny skies and the wind at your back.
posted Dec 31 2005 7:43PM - Anonymous

best of luck. i really hope you make. that would truly be an inspiration.
posted Jan 1 2006 9:47AM - frank, festus,mo

Best wishes. Sounds likes a great adventure.

I hope my Dad doesn't find this site - he's 71 - will be 72 by the time you run in November - and he'll probably want to do it with you.

posted Jan 2 2006 1:50PM - El Toro

Dear 70 years young ----- we are three blocks from the begining or the end of the Katy Trail (depends where you start)---- we have a Bed & Breakfast and we would love for you to stay with us (at our expense)either at the begining or end of your trip ---- we have a nice hot tub and we will arrange for a massage for you ---- come sleep in our cozy room and either prepare for your trip or celebrate your victory ----- Rhona Lococo ---Rhonaloc@charter.net
posted Jan 2 2006 9:45PM - Rhona Lococo Lococo, House ll Bed & Breakfast, St. Charles Mo.63301

70? WOW! I am planning to walk the whole trail this fall and thought it would be a feat to do it at 43. I feel humbled! Have a good run!
posted Jan 3 2006 12:07AM - gc, Columbia, Mo

That's fantastic. I hope to be in good enough shape to do the same thing when I reach 70!

One suggestion: You didn't mention whether anyone will be accompanying you, or at least meeting you at the trailheads along the way. If not, since you're on foot, you'll need to carefully plan each leg of your trip to have adequate access to food & water (or at least wear a camelback-type hydration pack and carry plenty of water). Just be aware that there are some long stretches on the trail without any businesses.

You can use the "Plan a Ride" web page to get a list of businesses and their mile points, to see where the long lonely streches are. For example, here's a link to the Plan a Ride page, showing all grocery stores, vending machines, restaurants, and water stops along the trail. If you look at the Mile Marker column as you page down, you'll see a few sections with gaps of 10 miles or more between services (e.g. St Charles to Defiance, Tebbetts to N Jefferson, etc.) Or you may find it easier to just scan down the mile markers and service listings on the Towns & services page.

Good luck, and please let us know how it turns out.
posted Jan 3 2006 9:33AM - Ray (Webmaster)

Hey great plan. Ray is correct in that even in the cooler months you would need a food and hydration supply. I am a cyclist, not a runner, but would be concerned about the distances between water supplies. I don't know if you planned to have support but I would be willing to help with your water/gatorade/eats situation using my bicycle rack-mounted cooler on the western part of the trail. It would give me another excuse to get over there. Just would need some advanced notice. Perhaps we could find others to do the same along the rest of the trail if needed.
posted Jan 3 2006 2:02PM - MLH, Overland Park KS

There may be several DB's turning 70 this year, but if this is who I think it is, I will put up $10.00 that says he won't make it five miles beyond Sedalia. Perhaps this little wager will provide an extra incentive. This is the show me state.
posted Jan 3 2006 10:52PM - Lou Joline, Blue Springs

I am the soon to be 70 year old who plans on running the Katy in Nov. I hope there is no misunderstanding..I plan to take 7/8 days doing this. Thanks for all the encouragement.
posted Jan 16 2006 8:47AM - David L. Biersmith, Kansas City, Mo.

DB, seen that your birthday is in nov. can you provide me with a date, my wife and i's birthday are both in nov., and again best of luck. you are a real inspiration.
posted Jan 17 2006 10:30PM - frank, festus,mo

To answer some of your questions:
1.) My birthday is NOV. 6, 1936
2.) I will be doing this solo over 7/8 days from Clinton to St. Charles
3.) I have support in Sedalia and Jeff. City, the other stopws will be @ B. and B.
4.) I have been running over 45 years, and have run many marathons
5.) Hydration is always a concern but less in November.
posted Jan 22 2006 6:58AM - David L. Biersmith, Kansas City, Mo.

D B, my b'day is the 13th, wifeys is the 30th. you are a real inspiration, good luck. with your b'day in nov, you are already a winner. wish i could be there to cheer you on.
posted Jan 22 2006 9:34AM - frank, festus

I am still a little confused..Will I be able to get across the river @ Boonville on foot?
Also, the last time I ran part of the Trail through Sedealia I ended up in downtown area because of construction. Is that work completed?
posted Feb 5 2006 7:07AM - David L. Biersmith, Kansas City, Mo.

To the person from Overland Park offering bike support, that would be great. Any help I could get would be appreciated.
To the B. and B in St. Charles , what a nice gesture, I sure I will take you up on your offer..will keep you posted. Thanks
posted Feb 5 2006 7:25AM - David L. Biersmith, Kansas City, Mo.

Just give me some advanced notice and I'd be glad to help, as long as it is a Fri, Sat or Sun. I'm at haaghead@kc.rr.com
posted Feb 5 2006 11:41AM - MLH, Overland Park KS

...and for those other two questions: yes you can get over the river on foot in Booneville using the bicycle lane on the highway bridge which is divided from the traffic by a short wall (if anyone has knowledge that pedestrians are not supposed to use the bike lane than please correct me on this). The trail is easily followed to the bridge. And Sedalia is through on the trail as far as construction as of late last summer. The trail itself does not go north immediately past the train station and from there you must follow the marked (with spray painted arrows and a few signs) city streets to get back on the trail on the northeast side of town. It's only a couple of turns and the streets aren't that busy as I recall.
posted Feb 7 2006 11:10PM - MLH, Overland Park KS

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