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Clifton City-refreshments

DNR hasn't acted but a young girl has--knock on door of 1st house south heading east and she's selling water,sodas, Powerade, etc. plus free ice. Seven of us which met at trail head benefited from her gumption. That she was doing it to save up for an aquarium somehow made it even better.

ALSO, we heard another lady, 1/4 mile north of trail at Beaman, is doing same plus sandwiches, but DNR will not allow her to put a sign on the trail right-of-way.
posted Jul 15 2011 8:10PM - Mr. G, Galena, IN

Beaman, it is a small store with snacks, drinks, sandwiches. Had bisquits and gravy there early one morning, was an excellent surprise. Good place to replenish snacks/drinks and take a break in the shade.
posted Jul 16 2011 5:00AM - Darrell,, Jefferson City

What hasn't DNR acted on Mr. G?
posted Jul 16 2011 9:43PM - Trek

Supplying water to the Clifton City trailhead.
posted Jul 17 2011 6:04AM - Jim, St Thomas

My guess is that DNR has acted and that it is not cost effective to supply water at this or many of the other trailheads. I've been wanting the conservation department to put running water in at Bluff Woods so I don't have to pack my own in when I hike there. I've learned to appreciate what the conservation department has done and take a water bottle with me. I have to throw it down on the ground though as they won't put a trash can there either. And it's only a couple of miles they'd have to pack that full 55 gal barrel out too. Not too much to ask, I don't think.
posted Jul 18 2011 5:52PM - Trek

Good one Trek, and before anyone jumps Trek for being a litterbug, look up the definition of sarcasm.
posted Jul 18 2011 9:14PM - Doug, Bluffton

Biking Boonville to Sedalia next weekend, wondering if there have been any developments with water or food at Clifton City since the last post 4 years ago.
posted Sep 11 2015 8:15AM - Patty, St. Louis, MO

No change, and no water available at Clif City. Bring plenty/fill up at Pilot Grove unless you are prepared to make it to Sedalia, or are willing to knock on some doors and beg.

I've heard that there is a soda machine up the hill in Clif City, but I've never gone up there to check for myself. In June, I came across a fellow who had run out of water, and I gave him most of what I had left: So....you may want to bring enough for you, and for a (soon to be) friend.
posted Sep 11 2015 12:30PM - ArkyKenny

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