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Mokane Market in Mokane

After riding from columbia most of the morning, the market was the 1st place open. It was a mistake on my part, the owner/person in charge was very unfriendly. It seems the trail is such a good thing for Missouri that to have unfriendly places where they act like they are doing you a favor by taking your money, next time I pack more supplies and skip Mokanr
posted Jul 20 2011 8:58AM - Coast2coastpaul, Williamsburg virginia

You could have road over to Jefferson City. There are lots of places open for business that would be glad to take your money.
posted Jul 20 2011 12:12PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

We are getting used to it Coast2coastpaul, it is a marketing approach! Albeit unorthodox, it must work for 'em. Not so much for us though.
posted Jul 20 2011 1:33PM - Darrell,, Jefferson City

Not sure I am buying your story Paul. This is all you can report on a beautiful trail that you think is a good thing.
posted Jul 20 2011 3:02PM - Anonymous

Chillax Anon
posted Jul 20 2011 6:00PM - Anonymous Anon

You must have missed a TON of friendly places along the trail. So whomever at Mokane was shortchanged on the friendlys; was there no one else during your whole trip that more than made up for it? The negative would have more weight if you mentioned the good you found elsewhere as well. Never forget that the person or persons with the negative frame of mind is the burdoned party. So "Excuse me while I kiss the sky"
posted Jul 20 2011 9:33PM - Doug, Bluffton

The OP of this post did post a positive post on the Hotel Frederick, 3 minutes after this one. So maybe he thought the same about the negativity, only sooner.
posted Jul 21 2011 8:59AM - Frank Lee, Jeff City, MO.

Oh Good! Glad you pointed out the other post was his also. I love it when people work and play well together.
posted Jul 21 2011 1:48PM - Doug, Bluffton

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