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The ride didn't go as planned!

I thought I might try and throw something a bit different on here and tell a story of a ride that I recently took that went a bit amiss. It was a hot but beautiful morning when I lit out from Greens Bottom with the intent of riding to Dutzow and back, and the ride was uneventful and pleasant as I pedaled my way out there and reached the Dutzow Deli. The KATY trail is food for my soul, but my body likes another type of food so I leaned my bicycle against the deck and went inside and noshed on an excellent meal. After finishing, I went outside and was preparing to make the sojourn back. As I stood by my bike putting my brain bucket on, a gentleman and his son, about six years old, were getting out of their truck right in front of me to go have lunch as well. Suddenly!, what sounded very much like the business end of a .38 special revolver, rang out and something hit me on the ankle! I froze, with a wild-eyed look at the gentleman in front of me, and found he and his young son gazing back at me with eyes as big as saucers as well! I finally broke the ice with the poor fellow and said; "Wow mister, I thought you were shooting at me!" As I was fearing perhaps this fellow had it in for KATY trail people. He replied with a chuckle of relief; "Well, I thought you were shooting at ME!" We both had a laugh as they went in to the restaurant. The poor kid still looking like he'd just seen a really scary movie. I fear the lad may be marked for life against bicyclists! As I then studied my bike for the source of the conundrum, I quickly noticed my front tire sorely depleted of its air supply. Being the ever intrepid and prepared cyclist, I opened my tool kit figuring to dispatch the vulcanized monster trying to ruin my day. I quickly snatched the tire off the rim and to my horror found a large abraided area big enough to put both thumbs in, with a couple fingers for good measure to boot! That is what hit my ankle. Nothing like shrapnel on a bike ride, right?!I considered gluing a
posted Jul 23 2011 3:05PM - Cvrz

I considered gluing a piece of inner tube in there and crossing my fingers, but the long, sunny miles on a hot day between Dutzow and Augusta alone made me snap to my senses and decide; "It's time for plan B" and I pulled out my cell phone and called the wife.

Me: Dear, I've had a really bad flat tire, would you mind driving about 50 miles out to Dutzow and picking me up?

Wife: WHAT! OhRickdammityouandthatbicyclethat'sallyoudoisgetflattiresIhadthingstodoandnowI'vegottodriveallthewayouthereandthisisallyourfaultyoudidthisonpurposewhyyou...

Me: But dear, I'm getting exercise and losing weight like you wanted me to.

Wife: !@!#&%(#&!#$!&*$#$^#

Me: But dear, you know there's antique shops out here!

Wife: .....Oh, yeah, there is isn't there! Great! I'll be right there!

So, I knew I was on the hook for a few trinkets but that's OK. We had a nice afternoon and I did get two new Armadillo tires out of the deal. I also learned a good lesson fella's. "If you're going to have a KATY catastrophe, for cryin' out loud have it near a shopping district!

posted Jul 23 2011 3:10PM - Cvrz

This story is just absolutely perfect. Just what this forum needed. No negativity. Just a hardy chuckle. Thanks CVRS
posted Jul 23 2011 10:02PM - Pam, Independence

Thanks Pam! I hope folks can find the two parts of the story.
posted Jul 23 2011 10:11PM - Cvrz

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