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GPS Coordinates for the Katy Trail

Does a book or website exist that contains the trail heads, resataurants, points of interest, etc... coordinates for use with GPS units?

posted Jan 10 2006 7:44PM - Brian, Managua, Nicaragua

Google it!
posted Jan 11 2006 10:23AM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

I googled like a champ.
No GPS Coordinates.
I guess it just needs to be done.
posted Jan 11 2006 11:14PM - Brian, Managua

I Googled like it was my job.....I mean quickly from my desk at work.... and found this site listed third from the top. It says it has coordinates, but who knows.


posted Jan 12 2006 8:46AM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

Brian, I have an inexpensive GPS that I cannot enter coordinates into ahead of time; I have to be at the place I want to enter and then I can create a "waypoint". I have created several "waypoints" for trailheads in my GPS. Once the "waypoint" is created, the screen will display the coordinates, so here is what I have (all coordinates are for trailheads exept for Clinton which is for the Benson Center near the trailhead) (*=degree sign)
Clinton: 38* 22.827N 093* 45.369W 749ft
Sedalia: 38* 42.451N 093* 13.263W 894ft
Boonville: 38* 58.494N 092* 44.983W 607ft
Rocheport: 38* 58.655N 092* 33.659W 555ft
North Jefferson: 38* 36.353N 092* 09.742W 532ft
Mokane: 38* 40.445N 091* 52.315W 553ft
Rhineland: 38* 43.186N 091* 30.732W 524ft
McKittrick: 38* 44.039N 091* 26.672W 533ft
Marthasville: 38* 37.635N 091* 03.651W 501ft
St Charles: 38* 46.794N 090* 28.844W 779ft

Hope this helps!

posted Jan 15 2006 11:59AM - savage24, KC,MO

Thanks a bunch for the coordinates.
I have been using GPS since '94 and assumed that by now waypoints would exist for any location one desires.
I guess the Katy Trail Guide needs to be re-written with coordinates.
Thanks for what you have supplied me with.
Hopefully some more people will get on the GPS craze.

Managua, Nicaragua
posted Feb 9 2006 11:27PM - Brian, Managua, Nicaragua

You're welcome Brian.
If there are any particular coordinates that you want, I'll try to get them for you.
posted Feb 10 2006 5:39AM - savage24, KC,MO

Basically I was hoping to get all trail head coordinates as well as points of interest, etc... (restaurants, B&B's, Hotels, etc...
Thanks for the coordinates you have already sent.
Maybe someone else out there has done it.
I will!
posted Feb 11 2006 3:47PM - Brian, Managua

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