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cost if ride service

I am looking for a way to get from clinton to machens...is amtrak the most convenient and how much approx. would that long drive cost? there doesn't seem like there are many sites dedicated to this issue what do ppl usually do? my bf and i want to ride the whole thing and camp each night and not have to ride it back...we want this to be a one way trip
posted Jan 17 2006 10:41AM - Stacy, St. Louis

First, know that the trail doesn't really extend to Machens, it ends about two miles west of St Charles. Also, the Amtrack will take you from Kirkwood to Sedalia but that's as far west along the trail as it can take you. I'm not sure there's an ideal solution for you but I have seen where people advertise that they shuttle people along the trail. A possibility might be to make Sedalia a two-day home base, ride to Clinton and back, then head east. Good Luck!
posted Jan 17 2006 1:25PM - BrnSny, Around STL County

Oh, one other thing - www.Amtrak.com will give you the fair and schedule from Kirkwood (or STL) to Sedailia and they're quite affordable, they allow you to tranport your bike for an additional fee but there is a limit to how many bikes can be transported so it's best to reserve it well in advance.
posted Jan 17 2006 1:50PM - BrnSny, Around STL County

As BrnSny mentioned, you really just have two options for a 1-way trip: shuttle service or Amtrak. More resources: here's a page discussing the Amtrak option, and a list of shuttle services
posted Jan 18 2006 4:45AM - Ray (webmaster)

Gary Creason, of Creason's Shuttle Service, has been a life-saver for many travellers, and tries to take care of trail riders shuttle needs if possible, from one end of the Katy to the other.
posted Apr 1 2006 12:44PM - Jody, St. Louis

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