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I road the Katy Trail for the first time last weekend, it was great, as i read some of the blogs some of the people on here take week long trips and ride 70 plus miles a day, how fast would you have to be going to ride that many miles and how long does it take them?
posted Sep 1 2011 12:16PM - David, Holden

We have done the whole trail 3 times with tent and bags and food. We find that 67 miles pretty much and we are done. We do Sedalia to Easley, Easley to Hermann, Hermann to St Charles. Those are 61-67 mile days. We use hybrids not road bikes. We use slicks.

We do get passed by those on road bikes and they average about 12mph were as we usually average 9. That counts stops and eating and resturants.

posted Sep 1 2011 9:15PM - Andy, KC

Most of this just depends on how in-shape you are, how much you are willing to ride vs. sight-see, and how much saddle time you are willing to accept per day.

To take me for example, I left at sunup from Clinton and got to Sedalia at noon. About 36 miles on a November day. Granted, I'm not in great shape and was sightseeing as much as riding, but on a regular spring-summer day, 70 miles wouldn't have been out of the question.

It just depends more on what you're willing to do.
posted Sep 2 2011 3:08AM - Skyguy9999

thanks for the info so it really all depeands on what you are will to do, i dont feel so bad now, we are planing on riding from Cliton to Winsor in the Morning we will see how that goes.
posted Sep 2 2011 10:07AM - David, Holden MO

The KATY gives you all kinds of options. That's just one of the things that makes it such a special place. 25-30 stretches with chances to photos and sightseeing are fun. But I also find long, challenging days to be fun as well. Longest day I've done on the KATY is Clinton to Hartsburg.
posted Sep 4 2011 10:02PM - Anonymous

Well wife and I did the ride from Cliton to Winsor man it was way to hot for me, I almost didnt make it back, anyway it was fun, I think we will do that again in october when the weather gets cooler, maybe a different leg, if any one has any suggestions let me know.

posted Sep 5 2011 12:16PM - David, Holden

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