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What is the Katy Trail meeting Sat about?

I see that the state of Missouri is having a Katy Trail meeting Saturday in Hartsburg. What is that about? The sparse info on the other Katy website says that it will be about the future of the trail from Boonville to Portland. In my opinion, there's only one thing that could make that section better: a little paving. Start with the section between McBaine and Rocheport. There were so many riders in that section last weekend that the dust was really bad and I overheard several complaining. Plus, the state paved a good chunk of the other rail-to-trail in the state and use has increased a thousand-fold since they paved it. Ok, so that was stimulus money from the federal government, but if there's another one I'd recommend paving the Katy Trail over the Frisco Highline.
posted Oct 4 2011 11:35AM - Brad P., Pea Ridge

NO TO PAVING. Dust comes from being outdoors. So what. If you pave, over time it will break down and be too rough a ride for some bike tires. Leave well enough alone. If you want paved paths their are plenty around, they are called streets.
posted Oct 4 2011 1:44PM - Pam, Independence

If you like to ride paved, try the High Tressel Trail or the Raccoon River Valley Trail in central Iowa. They are both about 50 miles one way.

I did notice some dust Sunday when we were east of Rocheport. I never heard anyone complaining though. There were alot of comments about how nice the day was. Our bikes always get washed and lubed after riding on chat anyway so to me dust is part of the game.
posted Oct 4 2011 1:53PM - Trek

I vote no too. If there's a million dollars to be spent on trails, I'd rather spend the money be used to make them longer (and straight) instead of paving what already exists. If I want to ride paved, I'll ride in the street.
posted Oct 4 2011 4:42PM - Paul Toigo, Kansas City, MO

totally agree, no to paving.
posted Oct 4 2011 5:44PM - MC, Oklahoma

While on paper, paving may sound like a good idea, but I agree with all the previous posts.
posted Oct 4 2011 6:01PM - MAH

From the Missouri DNR website.
Informational meeting planned Oct. 8 for Katy Trail State Park

Volume 39-334 (For Immediate Release)
For more information: 573-751-1010

JEFFERSON CITY, MO., SEPT. 30, 2011 -- The public is invited to bring their ideas about Katy Trail State Park to an informational meeting Saturday, Oct. 8 at the Katy Trail depot in Hartsburg. The meeting, which is from 9 a.m. to noon, will be held in conjunction with the annual Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival.

The informational meeting will address issues related to Katy Trail State Park with an emphasis on the section from Portland to the Missouri River at Boonville. Recent accomplishments and future plans will be highlighted during the informational meeting.

The informational meeting is part of an ongoing effort to ensure the public has input on facilities and services in state parks and historic sites.

People requiring special services or accommodations to attend can make arrangements by calling Jim Gast, park superintendent at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park at 573-449-7402 or by calling the Missouri Department of Natural Resources toll free at 800-334-6946 (voice) or 800-379-2419 (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf ). For more information about Missouri state parks and historic sites, visit mostateparks.com.
Guess we'll have to go see what the meeting is about. I can't imagine that paving would be a consideration. Hope not!
posted Oct 4 2011 8:50PM - Darrell, Jefferson City, MO.

We were on the Katy Sunday and yes there was some dust but that IS the Katy! Wouldn't change a thing! I just let my hubby get further ahead of me and dust wasn't an issue anymore! If anything, make water more available at all trailheads.....that may be my only complaint about the Katy!
posted Oct 7 2011 9:57AM - Specialized

Asphalt makes a nice surface but the maintenance costs are very high, and the runners usually prefer chat. I think a great compromise would be to spray the trail with with the dust mitigator they sometimes use on rural roads. It does not change the texture, but it keeps binds up the dust and even resists water to a degree.
posted Oct 7 2011 10:45AM - BikerBoy, Edwardsville, IL

Send some money over from Illinois beings you probably ride the Katy free of charge and taxes and I'm sure your idea will hit the upper 10% on the list of good ideas.
posted Oct 7 2011 12:55PM - Anonymous

I guess I'm outnumbered here and that's ok. The trail was as busy as Missouri Boulevard between Jeff and Hartsburg today and the dust from the trail wasn't bad. Maybe the problem is the heavy use between McBaine and Rocheport grinding the gravel into powder. I think I'll avoid that section in the future. Did anyone else stop by the sales tent at the Hartsburg trailhead? I didn't see any information posted, but i did get a cool Katy Trail tin sign for my cubicle at work!
posted Oct 8 2011 7:54PM - Brad P., Pea Ridge

Hey, Anonymous, no need to be snarky. We have plenty of Missourians using the 100 miles of paved trails in Madison County alone. They do not pay a dime for the privilege, but believe me, we do. It's share and share alike when it comes to biking.
posted Oct 9 2011 3:13PM - BikerBoy, Edwardsville, IL

Hey Biker Boy, you come over and ride anytime you want! Our State Parks receive funding from a small percentage of our state sales tax, so unless you are able to ride the trail and get home without buying anything you are helping to pay for the Katy Trail. I bet you know a whole lot more people that come to Missouri and buy things without visiting one of our parks than you know people that use the parks without buying anything that they are charged sales tax for.
posted Oct 9 2011 4:21PM - Doug, Bluffton

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