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Lazy Brush Ranch B&B in Steedman

I have agonized over reviewing this B&B. Ravena is a nice, personable and wants to please her guests; however, this B&B just falls short. Ravena picked us up at the trail so we didn't have to ride our bikes up the hills on the curving narrow highway, Thanks Ravena. She also had freshly baked banana bread for us on arrival, it was yummy. But when we were showed to our rooms, the room that was occupied the night before had not been cleaned and made up by mid-afternoon. There was nail clippings in and around the guest bathroom sink and the trash was full. There was dog feces on the floor on one our rooms near the bed. There was a can of flea spray on the shelving in the hallway. It all just gave an uneasy feeling. The couch smelled so bad I had to move to the loveseat so I could watch the movie on Netflix. Supper was good, but breakfast could have been better. Imitation blueberry pancakes just don't cut the mustard. All in all, this place is not worth the money (it was the most expensive B&B we stayed at in 6 nights on the trail). I cannot reccommend it and will not stay here again.
posted Oct 9 2011 10:24AM - VJ, Ks

I personally would like the list of places you stayed @ and how much you paid. My email address is: claytonandenise@hotmail.com After a lot of research, outside of the hostel in Tebbetts or Peers store you will be dropping about what you paid @ the Lazy Brush or more. The fact that you had a bad experience is a shame. If I had the same experience I would most certainly have addressed it as well. I look forward to your lodging list as it is time once again to plan another cross MO. bike trip. Thank you for taking me serious on my requests.
posted Dec 15 2011 12:22PM - Clayton, Denise, Frank, Mickie, Archie

I'm sorry if your experience was that bad! Most people show up after 4PM. This one came at 1PM. I had been quite busy and did not changed the sheets on the bed yet. Is that really a big deal? The people that stayed in that room previously did have a little dog, but I saw no Feces or flea spray! I do have dogs but they DO not have fleas and are mostly outside. Sometimes they sit on the love seat, but never the couch. So I don't know what that was about. This in not a "fluffy" B&B. It is more for bike riders that want a fun and casual place to clean up, eat well and continue their passion of riding and enjoying God's country. I have really loved providing this service. I know it might seem expensive but not compared to the "fluffy" B&Bs. In fact it is not as I hoped in the way of income for me. I now have Lazy Brush Ranch for sale and I REALLY hope someone who cares about the trail riders buys it and keeps it open because there are not any other B&Bs within several miles!

Your Host Ravena
posted Feb 19 2012 10:42AM - Ravena, Steedman

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