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Puppies love to ride too!

I need help finding pet friendly accommodations for two adults and their two very friendly, socialized dogs. Both dogs weigh less them 7 lbs each. We perfer a B&B but a Hotel will do. Travel plans are Oct. 13 thru Oct 16 and have not decided which stretch of trail yet. Please help.
posted Oct 12 2011 11:27PM - Paula, Martin, Tn

you can stay at the Tebbetts hostel with them--no problem. btw, just wondering --how do you carry them? in a trailer or on the bike somehow? do you strap them in?
posted Oct 13 2011 7:08AM - howardhughesblues

Thanks for the info. We have a trailer that we pull behind. They love it!!
posted Oct 13 2011 8:20AM - Paula, Martin, Tn

Paula, We also have a small dog, Zoey who LOVES to bike (also hiking & kayaking)! We have done many sections (planning the whole way in the next couple of weeks) of the Katy trail and have stayed different places along the way. These are the dog-friendly place I know of:
Sedalia - Bothwell hotel
Boonville - Hotel Fredrick
Jefferson City - Capitol Plaza Hotel
Hermann - Alpenhorn Gasthaus(farm cottage & little house)
Defiance-Elysian Fields Inn (ask for the old bank building!)
We also have a pull behind cart but she prefers the basket on the front. Watch out for the little gravel pieces that get kicked back from your bike tires. It helps to keep the front plastic cover zipped. Have Fun!!
posted Oct 15 2011 7:12PM - leslie holzknecht

what breed of dog? I tried to put my miniature rat terrier in a basket and he would have none of it! He jumped right out!
posted Oct 16 2011 6:05AM - howardhughesblues

I have a smaller, 7 yr old pomeranian. She has been a part of my travels since she was 5 1/2 weeks old. She even goes with me when I have to fly (in an airplane, in a zipped bag and under the seat). She is a very calm, easy-going, obedient dog so it has always been easy. I would start with carrying them around in a bag. (I know, you risk being one of those crazy dog people who will then start dressing them in clothes! OK,I've been known to do that also : ) Work your way up from there. Make sure you ALWAY clip them in with a harness on the bike, just in case. You might want to go the trailer route, especially starting out. You can zip them in completely. Zoey just loves to go, as I'm sure your dog does too. It's well worth the trouble. Good Luck!!
posted Oct 16 2011 12:42PM - leslie holzknecht

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