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El Espolon in Sedalia

Here is a link that will show you how close the restaurant is to the trail. Of course the trail is on the overpass shown in the picture, in the link. Just thought someone might be interested. It always smells so good when you ride by :)....
posted Oct 28 2011 10:57AM - mary white, sedalia

Not to rain on your parade in attempting to market your business, but if you look at the map and have a little bit of experience with the Katy, you'll see that the detour to get there is a little harrowing in having to face down being on 65 in the middle of Sedalia.

While I'm sure this is a good place to eat, the trip there will be an adventure to most. Just sayin'...
posted Oct 30 2011 9:30AM - Skyguy9999

I'm not sure, but it looks like a minor adventure to go down the cowpath on the West end of the bridge on the South side of the trail to the establishment. It'd sure be nice if there were more "on/off ramps" at overpasses like the one they put in at McKittrick. I think the local businesses would find it would be worth it if they funded this work complete with modest "FOOD - MILE xx" signs like you see on the interstates.
posted Oct 30 2011 12:40PM - Paul Toigo, Kansas City, MO

Yes, this is something that puzzled me when I was in Sedalia on the trail. You'd think since you pass within eyeshot of several businesses on both 50 and 65 that would be ideal for trail traffic that they'd want to arrange something like an offramp to a safe area (like a sidewalk) to get to their places. This would be especially true of Thompson Blvd and 65 between Thompson Blvd and 50.
posted Oct 31 2011 1:54PM - Skyguy999

The restaurant is very good - you have to take the trail exit - before you get to the bridge and then ride ~ 1/4 mi on the highway to the restaurant. It is busy and you need to ride it fast. There were 3 of us on the trip and the food is very good. It was a great place for lunch on the ride from Clinton to Boonville.
posted Jul 5 2016 11:25AM - Craig Horton, Highlands Ranch, CO

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