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Who let the dogs out?

The hillbillies around Bernheimer(MM 88) and Gore(MM 94) that's who. I was chased coming and going through that area last week. The dogs at Gore even ran on the trail, but were relatively small. The dog at Bernheimer was bigger and seemed a lot more vicious, but at least he kept off the trail. I was glad I was on a bike, so I was a little more of an elusive target. If you are hiking through this area, I would be "prepared" to deal with these animals if you know what I mean.
posted Nov 8 2011 7:28PM - stevo, Saint Louis, MO

Stevo, during your rides in StL you have dogs too not on leashes right? No hillbillies live on or around the trail. Food tossed away, different sounds and other distractions works pretty well the dogs and other animals. Stay safe (and thirsty) my friend.
posted Nov 8 2011 8:27PM - No Problem

No problem, not sure which planet you just came here from. However, Missouri, like a lot of other states, has an “adequate control” law for animals (Missouri. 578.012 RSMo) . It is for the protection of animals as well as the rest of the population. The dogs I encountered at Gore and Bernheimer, both coming and going, on two different days, I can assure you were not "adequately controlled", thus their owners, hillbilly or not, are potentially criminally liable for their actions. Throwing food, different distractions, etc. as you suggested is for fools with these animals.
posted Nov 9 2011 9:52AM - stevo, saint louis, MO

Fortunately I've never had a problem with dogs on the trail, even around Bernheimer and Gore, but I do carry some pepper spray that I can grab quickly if needed. I also carry a small air horn that some have said will scare a dog off long enough to get away.
posted Nov 9 2011 11:44AM - Murf, Jeff City

So, don't be a fool. When you encounter dogs on the trail do not try to create a distraction to escape. Do however, use your best city slicker voice and quote Missouri. 578.012 RSMo to the approaching animals, and then perhaps also let them know that their owner is at this very moment being potentially criminally liable for their actions. Problem solved. Thanks stevo!
posted Nov 9 2011 12:30PM - Anonymous

Stevo, thanks for trying to alert trail users to the dog problem around Bernheimer and Gore. I find it helpful to know there's a problem in an area where I will be biking. Like Murph I carry pepper spray to deal with problems. Somehow I've gotten the impression in the past that DNR staff have helped deal with problem dogs on the trail in the past.
posted Nov 9 2011 1:14PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

I think he'd have more credibility if he didn't start every comment with an insult. That kind of negative start puts a lot of doubt in my mind about everything said after.
posted Nov 9 2011 5:48PM - Doug, Bluffton

So to play it safe, I will be pedaling like crazy when a dog chases me and when I hear banjo music! Thanks for the headsup Stevo.
posted Nov 9 2011 9:42PM - Darrell, Jefferson City, MO.

The dogs at Bernheimer and at Gore have been trail regulars for a long time. No big deal. But if your attitude toward the people that live along the trail is they are "hillbillies" maybe the trail around Forest Park would be more suitable.
posted Nov 11 2011 11:39AM - Anonymous

Looks like Stevo the dogs must have sensed your attitude before we did. Forest Park or that Edwardsville trail has some nice neighborhoods as mentioned.
posted Nov 11 2011 9:55PM - No Problem

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