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Dotty's Cafe in Hartsburg

We went here because we had purchased a discount certificate through our local AddSheet. We weren't impressed at all. The waitress was pretty short with us (until she brought the check and then she was all smiles) and the food was ok but over priced for what you got and nothing fabulous. It wasn't bad but we definitely won't be driving 30 minutes to go back. We probably wouldn't drive 5 minutes to go back, just not impressed at all. The memorabilia was pretty cool to look at. That was probably the highlight of the meal.
posted Dec 2 2011 4:36PM - Susan, Columbia MO

If you had bicycled there in 98 degree heat you'd be singing a different song sister.

Don't get me wrong, it's ok to give a less than positive review. But those of us that love this place, and want Dotty's to stay open are happy with the food and service. A hamburger, ice water and the cobler of the day topped with ice cream is soooooooo good when you're hot, tired, sweaty and were not sure if you'd get there before she closed at 2 pm.
posted Dec 2 2011 9:42PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

It hurts my heart to find out anyone has negative things to say about Dotty's. I love this place and like Cathy it is an Oasis on a long bike ride.
posted Dec 3 2011 6:42AM - Billy, Mokane

I went there once and it wasn't fabulous.

But for probably a hundred other times in 7 or 8 years it was pretty darn good, and friendly, and enjoyable.

The time it wasn't fabulous was when I shared the picnic table out front with a scarecrow and a pumpkin and ate while the Pumpkin Festival parade went by. My bacon,egg,and cheese sandwich lasted longer than the parade, but it was fun, not fabulous, but fun. I sat outside because it was TOO CROWDED INSIDE!

Susan's critique is not my experience.
posted Dec 3 2011 3:26PM - Darrell, Jefferson City, MO.

Darrell... Wished Susan would have critiqued it after a 50 mile bike ride in the summer.
posted Dec 3 2011 4:28PM - Billy, Mokane

You've got that right Billy! The appreciation level for Dotty's being there would probably be a tad higher wouldn't it. Susan is entitled to her opinion, it's a matter of perspective, as you suggest.

Really, that is what bothers me sometimes. Businesses all along the Katy Trail have had better times than now and a myopic critique from a one time visit to any business, dining establishment, bike shop or whatever need not be broadcast on the internet machine as a consistent negative condition. It is our right to do that but,,,.

"A bike ride to Dotty's for breakfast" sounds pretty good to me.
posted Dec 3 2011 7:59PM - Darrell, Jefferson City, MO.

I've been to Doty's 8-10 times (always on a bike) and have found the food (especially the cobbler) to be quite satisfying. I would agree it is not low-priced but certainly reasonable. Like several others, I am VERY happy to pay the price and support a small local business along the KATY. I hope Doty's is there for a very long time. Never had a problem with the service either. That's my experience.
posted Dec 4 2011 1:06AM - El Toro

Thank you all for your good comments. As for Susan, she got 16 dollars worth of food for 6 dollars.she was treated like all our customers with good service. As for prices being too high; we have not raised our prices for almost five years and the price of food has doubled since we opened. We appreciate all of you and hope you continue to eat with us. If you have a problem while you are here all you have to do is tell me, there's hardly a time I am not there. We are trying very hard to stay open, anyone else would have already given up. :)Dotty
posted Dec 5 2011 8:33PM - Dotty's

P.S. As you all know some people just aren't nice in the first place haha I have never read a negative comment about us before. Jesus loves you anyway susan:)
posted Dec 5 2011 8:40PM - Dotty

I believe Doty you got more people interested in your place who have not been there yet from these posts than not. Keep up the good food and service. We will be back.
posted Dec 7 2011 11:13PM - Good Place to Stop

Haha I think you're right. Thank you!!!
posted Dec 21 2011 8:53AM - Dotty

I haven't gotten to make it that far east yet, but I think one of the highlights from what I read would be to pay a visit there. What you do is appreciated, all of you who provide service to those on the trail!
posted Dec 24 2011 11:29PM - Skyguy9999

Well thank you!! We hope to see you soon. Hope the weather stays nice, we are looking forward to a good 2012, thanks to all of you!!!!
posted Jan 2 2012 3:48PM - Dotty

Im not sure what some folks expect in these super tiny towns were most buissness has long since closed years ago.I have ridden the trail by bike for over 8 years each year 3 or 4 trips.We drive 100 miles to enjoy the Katy and after 50 miles on the bike Im glad to find place like Dottys or the small bars to eat a good burger and cold beer,I never thought much about the price,if that was an issue go to freakin wal-mart and satifaction at a everyday low price!Hang in there Dotty and all the other local joints,TEAM FOHTY will be back many times to spend our dollars with you. mg
posted Jan 3 2012 1:37PM - Team Fohty Bike Club, Springfield,Mo

Thanks so much!! We appreciate all of you guys out there,looking forward to warm weather and a good 2012 Such nice comments mean so much to us:)
posted Jan 15 2012 9:18AM - Dotty

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