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Married on Katy Trail?

I'm hoping to get married on the Katy somewhere near the river...preferably near Rocheport, MO. Any ideas? We want to have a small ceremony (30-40 people) and then bike to Rocheport for the reception/B&B. We can ride 40+ miles, but we want to keep it a short ride on wedding day...so that our guests can join us! Thanks for any suggestions!
posted Dec 7 2011 4:08PM - Anonymous

What a great idea! Please be sure send us some photos afterwards. Congrats and best wishes!
posted Dec 7 2011 5:36PM - Ray (webmaster)

Katfish Katy's has a 12'x12'(?) deck right on the river bank at Hundsdale. This might work for the wedding party while guests would be facing the river enjoying your ceremony.
posted Dec 7 2011 10:59PM - jbbike, Columbia, MO

something that would be ideal for you is this: http://www.industrialbicycles.com/Surrey_Delfino_Double_Bench_Quadricycle.htm
A 4-wheeled 9- person bike. It's called a "limo" priced at $4700. Maybe the shop at Rocheport could get a few and rent to you.
posted Dec 8 2011 5:55PM - Chris, centralia IL

Or the wedding party can get a 16 person bike with a beer keg on the front to either have a pre-wedding or wedding peddling party on the trail too. But since its a MO park alcohol is probably not allowed on the trail.
posted Dec 30 2011 11:34PM - Pedal Pub

The Les Bourgeois Winery in Rocheport has an area especially suited for weddings. It overlooks the river. I do not know the cost, but it's a breathtaking site.
posted Jan 1 2012 1:07AM - BikerBoy, Edwardsville, IL

Back in mid-October, my wife and I took a road trip to park at the Rocheport trailhead and ride. To our surprise, there was a couple getting married AT the trailhead. Not literally at the bathrooms or anything but over by a large tree on the eastern-most dise of the parking lot.

For the record, I proposed to my wife while on an out-of-town bike ride. It was supposed to be a 60-mile Fall Foliage ride in autumn and I was going to propose at the end. Turned out I got the flu overnight, but I HAD to do it. So we rode one mile and I acted like I had to check my bike for something, got down on one knee and proposed...and rode back to the trailhead sick as a dog!

She did find an AWESOME cake-topper with bride and groom on a tandem bike, customized for specific bike color and bride/groom skin/hair color.
posted Jan 2 2012 7:09PM - Mike, Saint Chuck, MO

What about the band shell or gazebo or whatever it is in Hartsburg. Pretty little spot.
posted Jan 5 2012 10:45PM - El Toro

The High Street Victorian B&B in Boonville (on the way to Rocheport),sits right above the river and has a beautiful back garden area, perfect for weddings of your size. We have two decks (one slightly higher than the other) that would be perfect for you guests. Also facing the river. There are three beautiful arbors for the bride to pass under on her way to the pergola. There is also a beautiful water garden and water falls and bridge, that is perfect for pictures. Please give us a call and we will be happy to give you a tour and be sure to check out our website at www.highstreetvictorian.com
posted Jan 8 2012 3:30PM - Kriss

Not sure exactly what you mean by "keep it short," and it's not on the river, but you could look into using the gazebo at Flat Branch Park in Columbia, which I know is available for weddings. It would be about 16 miles to Rocheport.
posted Jan 13 2012 8:26PM - eht, Columbia, MO

You should consider LeBourgois (spelling???) winery in Rocheport. It's a beautiful place (right along the Katy) and they have had several weddings there.
posted Jan 16 2012 4:31PM - KT Biker, JC

A little tardy in our comment but if you're not married yet we have a beautifully restored dance/reception hall with a commercial kitchen and adjacent B&B lodging, on the trail next to Hermann. McKittrick Farmers Mercantile; themerck.com Thanks, Joey
posted Mar 18 2012 10:12PM - Joey Los, McKittrick, Mo

Thank you ALL for your replies and help (and good stories!). We did end up getting married last Saturday and it was GREAT!!! We got married literally ON the Katy Trail, just after the tunnel in Rocheport. What a beautiful setting! We kept our ceremony really small (19 people). Our guests stood on the trail while we got ready a little ways down the trail. Then my 7 & 9 year old boys (best men) rode their bikes a little ahead of us...we followed on our tandem. And that was our wedding "aisle" march! Had a ceremony in the middle of the trail (1 1/2 minutes long lol)...thank you other cyclists who paused to wait for us to say our vows!!! Then we all went to The Rocheport General Store for lunch. Thanks John at The General Store! It was wonderful!!! All our guests raved about it being the most fun, laid back wedding. Highly recommended if you're always cycling on the trail like we are! That afternoon, we rode the tandem to Jefferson City for our honeymoon in a B&B (Cliff Manor B&B also highly recommended). Good luck to all future Katy Trail brides & grooms!
posted Oct 6 2012 10:07AM - Anonymous

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