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Parking along Greens Bottom Road

I usually ride out from St. Charles and I have noticed a lot of people parking along the trail on Greens Bottom Road. Why don't peole use the parking area at Greens Bottom Trail Head? It seems that the continuos parking along the trail is causing some erosion problems that are dangerous and are probably a headache for the maintenance staff to keep up with. It's also dangerous when people park cars so that the bumbers are sticking out into the trail. I was passing a group of riders in that section and a car bumber almost caused a huge wreck. Is it even legal to park there? It seems as if they are probably driving in an unauthorized area.
posted Mar 7 2006 8:50AM - Anonymous

You need to take some spelling and grammar lessons.
posted Aug 6 2006 11:10AM - Ben

Your point Ben? You still did not help him with his question.
posted Aug 6 2006 1:36PM - xavier, sunset hills

Is the parking area labeled clearly? I am planning a trip there soon, and I'm hoping I can find the trailhead easily. Ben, I hope I spelled correctly for you as I'm sure annonymous just made a typo which I'm sure you've never made. Be nice.
posted Jul 5 2011 6:44PM - Anonymous

They were all over it nearly 5 years ago it looks like.
posted Jul 5 2011 6:51PM - Anonymous

The lot is very easy to spot (East side of the road). Nice place to start/stop your KATY visit.
posted Jul 14 2011 1:41PM - Anonymous

With a flame war, it's never over until Godwin's law is observed. Five years and counting- a new world record?
posted Jul 23 2011 7:23AM - ObiWan

people have always parked along greens bottom...some of those spots are from people parking to walk over to the caves right across the katy
posted Feb 8 2012 1:30PM - Matt

Those parking spots are closer to the nice,shaded parts of the trail. The trailhead is on the exposed part of the trail, away from the scenic parts.
posted Feb 9 2012 12:58PM - Max, stl

There are caves there? Serious? That sounds pretty cool. Might have to drag the child out there. Wouldn't happen to be through that wide orange gate, would it? I've seen some teenagers in that area, but never knew what they were doing.
posted Feb 16 2012 4:07PM - merkin4, St. Peters MO

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