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First year biking..need suggested place to start

First time trying the Katy bike trail..would like a starting point for a two female beginners. What two or three towns would you suggest we bike to/through? Thanks!
posted Mar 14 2006 11:47AM - RH, Dayton, OH

It is according to which end that you want to start on. You for sure don't want to start in Clinton. Roacheport east is very nice.
posted Mar 14 2006 12:22PM - Mike, East Prairie, Mo

The most scenic and popular portion of the trailseems to be from Rocheport east (or actually southeast). Make certain you see the tunnel on the west side of Rocheport first. Check the milelage calculator on this site to estimate how far you can go but in general barring a strong headwind, the trail is very easy.

The McBaine trailhead is another good place to start as it gives you the option of going north, doubling back then heading south then doubling back again to your car all the while remaining within the very scenic areas and Hartsburg to the south is a good place to eat lunch. I would echo webmaster Ray's comment elsewhere on this site that is is best to park your car in the middle of your ride if possible. Note that McBaine is harder to get to in a car but the trailhead also gives you the option of riding the portion into Columbia.
posted Mar 14 2006 12:26PM - MLH, Overland Park

Rocheport usually wins the prize. Depending on how far you like to ride.....Booneville to Columbia is a good ride(Also, Columbia to Rocheport/McBaine). Although, not the Katy, I appreciate the spur to Columbia. It too is scenic, and lodging near I-70 is a short distance north on Stadium Blvd. from the Martin Luther King Trailhead.
posted Mar 14 2006 3:07PM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

r h, the three previous replies are absolutely correct. rocheport east has to be the prettiest part of the trail. st. charles to augusta is also a very nice ride once your out of the immediate st. charles area. which ever way you choose, be safe and happy biken. enjoy the Katy.
posted Mar 14 2006 11:18PM - frank, festus, mo

How many miles a day do you want to achieve? If 50 miles is a good weekend ride for you may I sugest starting in Hartsburg and riding to Rocheport, spend the night at a B&B then head back the next day. You can leave your car in the public parking lot next to the cycle shop.
posted Mar 16 2006 1:32AM - gee

gee..for us, 50 miles to and from for 2 days may be just what we do for a little 2 day thing..we're not serious bicyclist..at least not YET..we're planning a trip in September or October and as soon as our weather breaks here in Ohio, we're planning on "training" ..I personally would like to try as much as possible..but we'll see how our training this summer goes first :) Reading these posts are very much helpful and any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I've hiked sectionally in the appalician mountains but never biked..
posted Mar 16 2006 11:51AM - RH, Dayton, OH

Here's a suggestion: Start in Columbia (trailheads at Flat Branch Park, Forum Blvd, and Scott Blvd) ride to Boonville, and return with a stop for lunch at Les Bourgeois (has a spur trail with a bike rack at the bottom, and I recommend walking over trying to ride it). Do check on overnight parking, though, because i don't know if there are any rules about that) Les Bourgeois closes at about 3:00 on Sundays. Or similar, starting in Hartsburg instead of Columbia. Or Start in Boonville, and do the same in reverse.
posted Mar 20 2006 1:01PM - ET, Columbia

Start in Hartsburg, ride to Coopers Landing (about 10 miles), have some thai food for
lunch. Ride back to Hartsburg, stopping in Wilton along the way to look at artwork for
sale, have dinner in Hartsburg and spend the night at the Globe. Next morning, ride the
other direction and go to Jeff City (again, about 10 miles), Stop in Claysville for lunch on
the way back (call and make sure the place is open), then back to Hartsburg.

Then, your next trip go Hartsburg to Rocheport, spend the night, then come back to
Hartsburg. An advantage to starting in Hartsburg is there is a place to stay, a couple of
places to eat and most importantly, Hartsburg Cycle Depot where you could either rent
bikes or else have them check out your bike to make sure it is trailworthy. There is also a
place to park your car overnight in the lot next to the bike shop.
posted Mar 22 2006 7:21PM - sbikes, KCMO

I am a beginner bike and am wanting to dothe Katy Trail. How is the trail with regards to hills and flat areas?
posted Mar 30 2006 11:21AM - mamawolfie, SE Ks

Start in Columbia and ride to Rocheport. It's the most beautiful stretch, especially in the fall. Theres a bookstore they make the Katy Trail Guidebook. You can get it online and choose some place else if you are in another part of the state.
posted Mar 30 2006 11:29AM - Stacey, St. Charles

I am a beginner bike and am wanting to dothe Katy Trail. How is the trail with regards to hills and flat areas?
posted Mar 30 2006 2:15PM - mamawolfie, SE Ks

I am a beginner bike and am wanting to dothe Katy Trail. How is the trail with regards to hills and flat areas?
posted Mar 30 2006 2:15PM - mamawolfie, SE Ks

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