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Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia

We have tried to camp there but gave up when we could not get anyone to contact or return requests for information. It would be helpful if SOMEONE would please update this site at least to let people know that the camping here is questionable at best. There are not too many choices on this end of the trail and I am getting too old for stealth camping.
posted Jan 16 2012 8:29AM - Maggie, Kansas

SOMEONE does a great job of updating this site. We can all help by reporting info that has gone awol.

I googled the Missouri State Fair and found camping info. I didn't verify that the phone number there was correct, but it differs from the one here. The recording for the number listed here says that it has been disconnected.

Not knowing how full any camp ground may be, or if a hotel or B&B is booked at any given moment, it could be said about most any place along the trail that your ability to stay there may be questionable. Just because it is listed here or in the phone book, doen't mean that they'll have a spot open when you want to be there. SOMEONE will have a hard time fixing that one for you.
posted Jan 16 2012 12:21PM - Trek

Wow! pull your horns back, Trek! I have been crusing this site, trip planning, and there are a few misrepresentations by the vendors or the information is out of date or inaccurate according to the vendors. One example I found have been the Hartsburg Inn this morning - it is marked for camping, but after getting an email from the vendor, Cath, she indicates no camping only if there is an overflow from the Inn and that there are no outside facilities for camping. SO that little camping icon needs to come off the page. Just sayin! You are so right about not knowing until you get there about anything. My bad - I was wrong and humbly beg for your forgiveness on the SOMEONE - (it must be you) I really should have said SOMEONE ANSWER THE PHONE at that number for the FAIRGROUNDS! (This ain't my first rodeo or KATY ride)Peace out - Mag
posted Jan 16 2012 1:12PM - Maggie, Kansas

Nope....I'm not the SOMEONE who updates this site. That is up to the webmaster. This isn't your first rodeo, so you know to contact him with your list of updates so this is all a mute point.

It just seems rude to make a comment such as yours.....that it would be helpful if SOMEONE would update this site. It makes it sound as you've emailed Ray too many times to count and he won't do it and now you're asking for ANYONE to help you out. Just sayin!
posted Jan 16 2012 2:04PM - Trek

NOPE - you are the identified self rightous/self appointed person that prides himself in jumping on anything that someone may post and judge their posts as rude. Thanks. God bless you.
posted Jan 16 2012 4:28PM - Maggie, Kansas

oh and trek - it's moot (lol) not mute. or maybe it should be mute.
posted Jan 16 2012 4:29PM - Maggie, Kansas

There is just nothing that can be said about that.

(If you all don't see us here for awhile, Maggie, Kansas and I'll be out "crusing this site.")
posted Jan 16 2012 5:26PM - Trek

You two behave or I'll turn this forum around and we'll all go back home.
posted Jan 16 2012 8:08PM - Jim, St Thomas

All right folks, let's not get too worked up. I pulled up the State Fairgrounds info on the web and they did indeed have a new number listed, as Trek indicated. So I have updated this piece of information on the site (660-827-8104). I also applied the camping correction that Maggie mentioned.

Information on trail businesses is constantly changing, and no doubt there's some bad data here at any given time. Many of the merchants are great about updating me with changes, but I also rely heavily on those of you who come across errors while using the site. Please let me know, whether through the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page or even by posting here on the forum. THANK YOU in advance for passing along this information.
posted Jan 17 2012 12:11AM - Ray (webmaster)

Ray--Did you ever correct information on the Cowboy Trail I wrote you about? Some of that information was years out of date.

I stayed at the Sedalia State Fair campground last September. After I set my tent up, a man came around and collected $10 for camping. The bathrooms are down the hill in the red and white buildings. I would think they were closed in October or November. If the campground isn't open, go to the Best Western nearby.
posted Jan 22 2012 1:09AM - gene, Indiana

I have room's for rent at areasonable rate. I am located near the trail near the east trail head. You can find me on this site at Maxine's Rooms for Rent. The ad only list my landline, you can reach me at 660 287 0971 , 660 826 9351 or pete49@earthlink.net. Thanks.
posted Jan 22 2012 1:52AM - maxine, sedalia

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