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March Ride

Can anyone share with me the weather for MO in mid-March? It is early summer in my part of the world but was wondering what kind of obstacles I would encounter in MO at that time of the year
posted Jan 19 2012 8:24PM - Bobby, Houston

The Trip Planner link above will give you the information you seek.
posted Jan 19 2012 8:34PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

Potential rain or snow and cooler temperatures, washed out sections with tree limbs, soft trail hindering your ride. But the good part is the flora, fauna and mighty Mo river, towns and very nice people.
posted Jan 20 2012 6:19AM - March Ride

Bobby, if we could tell you what it's going to be like in March, we would be rich! You can have temps in the 70's, but there is still a good chance of snow (last March we got 12" one day). There is also the possibility of tornados and other severe weather. Most of the flowering and leafing is happening in April, and there is much less chance of snow/cold then. You might want to be flexible in your plans and assume a couple of bad weather days in a week. Good luck!
posted Jan 20 2012 9:59AM - BikerBoy, Edwardsville, IL

The weather stinks around here until mid-April if we're lucky. It can get cold and miserable in March. Plus, I don't think DNR turns on the water at the trail heads until May 1. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong about that. I hope you can delay your trip until May. You will enjoy that much more. Do pay attention to weather forcasts when you are heading this way just so you know what you will be riding in. Oh, and when the weather is nice, this place is wonderful. The Katy Trail in May is so special. There's a lot of plant life starting to sprout, the new greenery is so fresh, and full of life, temperature is quite comfortable.
posted Jan 21 2012 12:06AM - Cathy, Jefferson City

The other thing I forgot to mention was that the freeze/thaw cycle plays havoc with any limestone surface. If it's frozen, you have to deal with the bumpy frozen tire tracks from other riders; when it is just thawing, that water is released and feels like quicksand. That makes for a very tedious ride! After a couple of days of drying, it gets much better.
posted Jan 21 2012 1:54PM - BikerBoy, Edwardsville, IL

The last week of March into April last year I rode from Clinton to St. Charles in 4 days. It started out to be cooler 40 to mid 50s and windy with some sprinkles. As mentioned the freeze thaw caused hard tire tracks and horse hoof ruts around Sedalia. Riding was slow that first day. After Boonville the limestone was dryer and more compact and the weather started to get unseasonably warmer 60s and sunny but still headwinds 20-30 mph. There were small limbs and small washed out areas from the spring rain gushers on the trail. None of the trailhead bathrooms were opened. I was lucky since my wife was my SAG support meeting me along the way at trailheads everyday. By Hermann it was getting into the low 70s by mid-day. So I was lucky most the of the way that week. I think the following week it got cold again. April or May would probably be a better bet for your ride. DILY
posted Jan 21 2012 3:15PM - Did It Last Year

The old saying is true: March comes in like a lion and goes out ike a lamb. But in between, you never know what you're going to get.
posted Jan 22 2012 12:10AM - Ray (webmaster)

Ray, that's awfully close to Forest Gump's box of chocolates quote. :-)
posted Jan 23 2012 1:29PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

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