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Horse back riding

Is it allowed to ride the Katy trail on horseback?
posted Feb 1 2012 1:40PM - Barb , Morrisville MO

Barb, Horses are only allowed between Calhoun and the Sedalia fairgrounds.

posted Feb 1 2012 4:43PM - Paulie, Knoxville

In October of 2011, Missouri State Parks extended the equestrian section on the Katy Trail to Clinton, so horseback riders can now ride on the trail from the Fairgrounds in Sedalia to the trail's end in Clinton. Equestrian parking in Clinton is located at the Henry County Fairgrounds across Price Lane from the Clinton Trailhead. For more information about the trail, visit www.katytrailstatepark.com and click on "General Information."
-- Dawn Fredrickson, Katy Trail Coordinator
posted Feb 2 2012 12:24PM - Dawn Fredrickson, Katy Trail Coordinator

Now thats funny!

We all know to come here for the most information Dawn!
posted Feb 2 2012 2:26PM - Anonymous

Thanks Anon, but you know you can always go to the DNR's website if you want to get info straight from the horse's mouth.
(sorry, could not pass up that pun, given the subject of this thread)
Thanks Dawn, I always appreciate your information!
posted Feb 2 2012 11:25PM - Ray (webmaster)

Well anonymous, I consider Katy Trail bikers lucky to have Ray to host this site and Dawn to monitor it and set things straight when misinformation is posted.
posted Feb 7 2012 8:39PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

Gary, If you are refering to my post, I'm only relaying info.(which has now been changed) I received off FAQ page on this site.

posted Feb 8 2012 2:27PM - Paulie, Knoxville

Paulie, my comment was directed at the post of "Anonymous" which appeared to be an attempt to slam the DNR website.
posted Feb 8 2012 10:14PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

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