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Notice to All Trail Riders

The Mokane Bar and Grill is closed. This appears to be a permanent situation. It's possible in the future it may open under new ownership but that will not happen anytime soon. If it does I will post a notice.

I am not the owner but I know that if Mark and Cynthia were doing this post they would say THANK YOU to the trail riders who stopped at their business over the years.
posted Feb 27 2012 12:26PM - Carl Belken, Mokane,MO

Sorry to hear. I wish them well. I enjoyed more than one refreshing stop there.
posted Feb 28 2012 4:47PM - Anonymous

Said to hear. Was planning on visiting them on our trip in June. Good luck to them anyway.
posted Feb 28 2012 10:45PM - Pam O, Independence

They did a great job and I had a good meal there in 2009.
posted Feb 29 2012 12:36AM - Gene, Indiana

I believe it was Cynthia during the 2010 Katy ride when myself an a few others stopped in after the 2nd day very hot, I was a little too hot and she noticed my lunch not staying down an came over immediately with a bag of ice on my back neck. I didn't get back to thank them properly. Very good and kind people. I thank you now.
posted Feb 29 2012 10:43AM - Don Douin

A friend and I stopped there last June, the AC, sandwich and ice cold pop really hit the spot on a hot day riding in the sun. I'm glad I got to stop there for lunch, they'll be missed. Thanks again...
posted Feb 29 2012 2:03PM - Mark, West Des Moines, IA

Will miss them. Good luck.
posted Mar 1 2012 5:10PM - Billy, Mokane

Mokane bar and grill has been purchased by some really down to earth couple who plans to open it by the first of May. They have no plans on changing anything Mark and Cynthia has done and I believe that everyone will like them as well as they are wonderful people
posted Apr 13 2012 10:13AM - Tom, Mokane

Truly good people. Glad to have them on the trail.
posted Apr 13 2012 11:35PM - Billy, Mokane

While taking a lunch break today in Mokane, I spoke with a relative of the previous operators of the Mokane Bar & Grill. The word is the sale of the place did not go through and there are no current plans to re-open.
posted Apr 19 2012 8:49PM - robert, raymondville

I know for a fact that the bar will be opening soon under new management. So PLEASE everyone stop ny and give the new management a chance.
posted Apr 24 2012 8:10PM - Anonymous, Mokane

I hope it works out, Mokane is a nice stop.
posted Apr 25 2012 9:41AM - Randy, Alton, IL

The food prices went up and you get less than what you did before, like 1/2 of the portions. They cut the fish in half. If they are going to raise prices, at least give the same portions Cynthia did. Common sense.
posted Apr 30 2012 10:57AM - riverrat, Mokane

Maybe you should just learn to cook. It's probably cheaper and you can fix as much as you want.
posted Apr 30 2012 4:23PM - Jim, St. Thomas

So Riverrat, are you saying they are open under new management?
posted Apr 30 2012 9:08PM - Darrell, Jeff City, MO.

Thanks, Jim. I do cook. And I have cooked in an environment just like this. Someone said they were not going to do anything different than before, and yes, they are. Stating a fact. Everyone has an opinion, mine is if you are going to come to a small town and make drastic changes to portions, don't raise the price.
Yes, they are open under new management.
posted May 1 2012 6:50AM - riverrat

riverrat...really common sense!!!!! price go up they have to raise the prices to stay in business or cut the food sounds to me that they are smart business people
posted May 1 2012 7:25AM - Anonymous, Fulton

I am a local too and am very happy they have reopened the bar. I don't think everyone needs to argue on here. That is your opinion riverrat. Maybe you should give them another chance and maybe you will have a different experience. If not, it's your right to not patronize them. Me on the other hand, I have missed the bar and will be a frequent visitor!
posted May 1 2012 7:40AM - Anonymous

So riverat, why didn't you buy the bar?
posted May 1 2012 12:36PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

I spoke with Mel last week as he stated trial and error on the fish and he has went back to the full size of fish on the plate. He stated there are alot of people that waste the fish and that they didnt want a large piece..but he has started serving the full pieace...thanks
posted May 6 2012 4:35PM - Anonymous, mokane

The Mayans were wrong. The world will not end in 2012. The whole fish is now back on the plate at Mokane. We can all sleep better tonight.
posted May 6 2012 6:02PM - Anonymous

I agree with all the anonymies. Give the new owner's a chance to get going. Mokane is one of just a few good towns between Hermann and Jeff City on the trail.
posted May 6 2012 9:09PM - Mokane, a Good Stop

I am the original poster of this thread. I have noticed for the past several days that they DO have an OPEN sign at the MB&G. I am sorry but I don't know any details but it does look like they have customers. I'm glad because I hate to see buildings sitting empty here.


My wife used to cook there part time. She loved it when people enjoyed the food. She liked talking with the Trail riders when she had the chance. I'll always remember the day she came home and was telling me she had talked to someone from England. She was hoping to maybe talk with folks from Ireland and Germany but that did not happen. Her relatives came from those countries. She is full time retired now. We work in our garden and do things around the house. There is still plenty to do and these days I wonder how we managed to work all those years and still get things done here at home.
posted May 23 2012 11:53AM - Carl Belken, Mokane

I stopped in there the other day on my way through and they were serving up cheeseburgers and Bud Light. That hit the spot. Also Mokane is the closest spot to buy any food you want if you're going to sleep in the Tebbetts shelter.
posted May 23 2012 5:06PM - Matt, Camdenton, MO

My wife and I stopped at the bar and grill on Wednesday May 30, 2012 in Mokane. The cheeseburger was huge and the order of fries was enough for us to share and still not be able to finish.

I recommend stopping if you are hungry.
posted Jun 3 2012 8:02PM - stgpepe, Raymore, MO

Just stopped there late June. One of the best burgers! Really hit the spot. Staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Can't say enough good about them.
posted Jul 10 2012 1:27AM - Peter, Memphis

WOW, We have been stopping at Mokane every year even before Mark Rogers had it. I must say the new owners by far are much better no disrespect to Mark. They seem to be fixing it up and the food was just wonderful and very plentyful. Im very pleased to see it open again but if you are taking a trip you are missing out if you dont stop
posted Aug 20 2012 10:08AM - fred & nancy meyers, St Charles

I just want to thank everyone who came into the bar when Mark and I owned it. I can honestly say that there were times I was busy in the kitchen that I could not come out but for the ones I got to visit with I enjoyed you!Mark started working long distances from home and being a mother of four and having livestock and trying to run a business we felt it best to take time for the two small children we had at home ages 9 and 4. We are sorry for not letting everyone know but it was way too much for one person and we never wanted anyone to think we were being selfish, that has never been our nature and I think the community knows that. I wish Mel and Kelly the best of luck and our hearts have always been in our small town and our community. Mark and I will never forget all the wonderful people who have walked thru that door and have made a difference in our lives.
posted Jan 9 2013 12:01AM - cynthia roges, mokane

You have surely put in alot of time and energy for continuing that establishment, and you can both be proud of your efforts! Time goes on and life changes course, so now yet another Journey to explore. Know you will both succeed an any avenue you choose in life Cynthia, expecting your lives will be overflowing with enjoyment as time goes on. Choices, gotta love em!!!
posted May 4 2013 11:18AM - Michelle, Mokane

We stopped by on our way thru on Friday evening. Something going on in shelter across the street. Decided to go to the bar for a cold one and sandwich. Food was good beer was cold and good. Service not so good slow and hardly none. Seen a food truck in the back with signs on it, thought we would stop by Sat. which we didn't no truck with what they were advertising. Has a pulled pork and tried frog legs for the first time in my like. taste like chicken to me.
posted Jul 21 2013 7:10PM - Just Me, mokane

Mokane is going through growing pains as most cities do during times of expansion. Just bear with us. Nothing but fine folks here. If I am at the bar, and service is slow, I just reach in the cooler and get me one. Nod to waiter and she puts it on my tab when she gets squared up. No big deal.
posted Jul 22 2013 9:55AM - Billy, Mokane

I'm with you Billy. I am nowhere near a regular but sure get treated like one when I stop in. Could you really understand what Just Me was trying to say? I think they liked the food.
posted Jul 22 2013 6:02PM - Doug, Bluffton

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