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unable to search

Hello. I have not been able to search the Katy Trail site for months. Google sends a message saying that my computer is suspected of spewing spam. I don't know if that's true or not. I'd like to know if there are laundry facilities somewhere between Sedalia and St. Charles, preferable in Rocheport or Hermann. Thanks.
posted Mar 2 2012 1:08PM - mwb, Cleveland

If you click on Hermann in the map above....then click on hermannmo dot com and look at the business directory, you will see that there is a laundry in Hermann.

Although Google may be a good search engine, there are other ways to search for info.

That'll be $1.19 please.
posted Mar 2 2012 1:53PM - Trek

I don't mind sending the $1.19 (a bargain) but can you tell me the other ways to search the comments forum? And thanks for the Hermann info.
posted Mar 2 2012 2:16PM - mwb, Cleveland

Ray....has Google worn out their welcome here too? I can't search from a network machine or the iphone, and get a network message about not being able to search.
posted Mar 2 2012 5:34PM - Trek

It looks like something weird is going on with google website search. I investigated and found quite a few comments out there in various forums about other websites that are having the same problem, with no solution offered from google.

However, there is an easy way to search this website. Go directly to google's web page, and enter your search terms followed by site:bikekatytrail.com

So for example, you might enter as your search terms:

"kansas city" site:bikekatytrail.com


laundry hermann site:bikekatytrail.com


tires site:bikekatytrail.com

etc., etc... When you do this from google's web site, it returns results from only the site that you specified.

I'll search some more to try to find a solution for our search page here, but just know that you can accomplish the same thing from google's site by using the "site:" command with your search keywords.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention!!!
posted Mar 2 2012 8:37PM - Ray (webmaster)

The laundromat in Hermann is on the east side of Hwy 19 just south of the Ford Dealer. Also, The Rendleman Home in Bluffton has laundry facilities available to customers staying there.
posted Mar 2 2012 9:06PM - Doug, Bluffton

Ray, I just did a searches on a PC using Internet Exployer and an iPhone using Safari through your website search link and it worked just fine. Maybe Google fixed it?
posted Mar 5 2012 1:24PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

Actually I tweaked it a bit - used a different method of submitting the search request to Google - and it does appear to work all the time now. I would have posted something, but wanted to wait a while and make sure it continues to work ok. Seems to be good.

Happy trails!
posted Mar 5 2012 1:40PM - Ray (webmaster)

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