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Peers Store in Peers

I just talked to the owner of the Peers Store and she said they closed their doors two Sundays ago from this date. She stated a grocery store opened in Marthasville and took away their business. :(
posted Mar 22 2012 10:31AM - Paul K, Florissant,MO

That is sad. I stayed there when I rode to my folks house in O'Fallon a couple of years ago. It was a fun experience, and the breakfast sandwiches were great.
posted Mar 22 2012 1:43PM - Kevin, Jeff City

This is terrible..Peer's has been a popular trail stopping point for several years.

A new 12,000+sq-ft K&R grocery did go into full operation in Marthasville last year. A dollar store was already there. This grocery in not next to the trail. But it could easily draw local food business.
posted Mar 23 2012 9:48AM - Anon

That's too bad, I've always enjoyed stopping in there if for nothing else than another snack and soda or water like I already had in my handlebar bag. They will be missed, pleasant people are one of life's premiums. We need more of them not less.

To say "another one bites the dust" sounds callous, but... In the past couple of years along the trail several businesses have closed, taverns, B&B's among them, and now the Peers Store. WE, the Katy Trail people, are part of the mix of clientele that keeps these small locally owned businesses alive and hopefully growing. I won't go into my "buy local" buy "Made in the USA" rant, but for some of these businesses their existence is, at times, tenuous. To be mindful of the impact we can have on the businesses along the trail, could help them and in turn help us, by them being there.

Sometimes when your headed out to the trail, pass up the "MegaMart" and patronize those that depend on your business, they 'will' miss you.

In case you are wondering, I don't own a business anywhere, and really, there is only one business on the Katy Trail whose first personal name I know, and that is Dotty.
posted Mar 24 2012 9:59AM - Darrell, Jeff City, MO.

This is the 2nd such spot on the KATY that closed in less than a month. I agree we MUST support those on the trail if we expec to see them next time. Barb and crew will be sorely missed. This is a piece of living history that can not be replaced. What we see happening is a micorcosm of what is happening to our USA. So keep going to Chinamart to support slave labor and eco destruction, not to mention lack of safe labor practices. China continues to send poison to our shors with not so much as a peep from those who are supposed to protect us. Nuff said.
posted Apr 4 2012 11:41AM - Clayton, Denise, Frank, Mickie, Archie

The Peers Store is now the Katy Land Trust. It's open seasonally noon to 4. There's an ice cold soda machine on the porch if the store is closed. Not a lot inside, but a good place to get a drink or ice cream bar. There's a little gift shop and some art. Supposedly there's music on weekends, but nothing going on when we were there at noon on a June Saturday. So it's no longer a real store, but it's a good place to take a break.
posted Jun 19 2018 1:54PM - OCtandem, OC, CA

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