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Where's the Water???

I studied the various icons of what is supposed to be at certain locations along the trail. Where is the water??? I was expecting a tap water spigot somewhere near the restrooms that are in the larger towns, similar to what I've seen in state parks. I could not find any of these.

Are they talking about getting water at the restaurants in those towns? That didn't do me much good as I was riding back to my car at midnight last night. I had to ration 1/2 bottle of water for the last 50 miles.

Maybe the Katy is only officially open until sunset ("state parks rules apply") but if it says water is available I'd like to be able to get some, in the event that something happens to slow me down and I get caught far away from my destination in the middle of the night, like it did with me.

Maybe there is 24 hour water available somewhere on the Katy but I rode from just west of St. Charles, 71 miles west and back. I sure didn't see any...other than a big river. :-)

posted Apr 9 2012 9:59AM - RoadiJeff, Wildwood, MO

I recall that there is 24 hr. water at Marthasville TH(MM 78), Marthasville Ballpark(North of Katy same location), Dutzow TH(MM 74), Klondike Park(MM 64) located just north of the trail, but that's about it if you are riding when every business is closed.
posted Apr 9 2012 11:10AM - stevek, saint louis, MO

I should also mention that I have used the vending machines at Rhineland, Treloar, and Marthasville to name a few to get water when nothing was open.
posted Apr 9 2012 11:18AM - stevek, saint louis, MO

CamelBak: Don't leave home without it.
posted Apr 9 2012 11:24AM - SalsaBoy

This topic comes up from time to time. Where IS the water? There may not always be a spigot with cold running water waiting, but it can usually be found.....outside the restroom, in a nearby store, etc.

SalsaBoy is spot on. If you are traveling very far, don't leave home without the CamelBak or at least enough bottles on your bike to get you by. Quarters are light and work well at the vendo when nothing elese is around. I always top off the bottles/CamelBak when I can even if they don't need it. You never know when there should be water at the next stop, but for reason you can't get it.
posted Apr 9 2012 12:49PM - Trek

A known issue on the MO Katy is to carry plenty of water on its eastern half where the outside spigots are few and far between. A 142-mile round trip there without adequate water can be dangerous. Good thing it wasn’t overly hot outside.

Your best bets for water late in the day there are the Marthasville trailhead (inside the restroom; no outside spigot there) and Dutzow trailhead (outside).

Some campsites, city parks, and town churches might have open water spigots as well. But why should trail users have to search for them? Rhineland, Treloar, Dutzow, and Defiance have bar-cafes (with public sinks) near the trail if open on holidays. Outside pop machines exist at Treloar and Marthasville. McKittrick has a convenience store just south of the trail on Route-19. But only experienced users know these things.

No doubt, the trail needs more trailhead spigots on its eastern half. But that probably won’t happen soon under the current budget conditions.
posted Apr 10 2012 10:38AM - Anonymous

At Portland there is a Trailhead. Just above that is where the camping area is for a private campground. There is a 10 X 10 building where the bathroom/sink/shower is. On the north side of that building there is a outside spigot. Help yourself. Also try the restaurant a few hundred feet south of the trailhead up the road.
posted Apr 10 2012 11:18PM - Gene, Indiana

Gene we don't want any GPS tourist mistakes here. The bar in Portland is NORTH of the trail.
posted Apr 12 2012 6:51PM - Doug, Bluffton

Sorry, Doug about the directions. If you went south a hundred yards, you'd be in the Missouri river. I think the restaurant is called the Riversedge or Riverside and they have new owners as of 2010.
That direction error is the first mistake I've made in my life. I know about 4 people from here in northern Indiana are planning to ride the Katy in mid May.
posted Apr 12 2012 11:51PM - Gene, Indiana

Great Gene! Send them down. The bar there serves a great burger and huge order of fries along with other items like catfish sandwiches etc. and will make your friends welcome. Plus, we'll do our best to keep the GPS from leading them into the river!
posted Apr 13 2012 6:54AM - Doug, Bluffton

I know this is a late response to this thread, but for future reference, there is a spigot in Rhineland, near the ball park. Hope this helps!
posted Jul 8 2012 8:18PM - Amanda, Rhineland

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