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We now have a way to categorize forum discussions, and to view discussions by topic. You'll notice a new feature here in the forum: tags. You may have seen the "tag" concept in social media or news websites. A tag is simply a topic, and each forum discussion has tags assigned to it. For example, a discussion about the State Fair campground might have three tags assigned to it: Camping, Sedalia, and State Fair Campground.

Suppose, for example, that you want to see all discussions that involve Rocheport. Just click Use tags to filter, check the Rocheport box, and click Apply Tags. Now you see all discussions involving Rocheport - only the discussions involving Rocheport. Want to see all the discussions involving Amtrak? Click Use tags to filter, check the Amtrak box, and click Apply Tags.

You can also see all discussions regarding a particular business. There's a dropdown list where you can select a business, to see discussions regarding that business.

To make tagging useful, we need a good variety of tag options. But too many tags make it hard to use. I tried to offer varied tags on popular topics without having an overwhelming number of tags. But if you think of any topics that are missing in the tags, let me know. If lots of people are asking for some particular new tag, I'll add it.

When you create a new forum discussion, the website assigns tags based on what you wrote. Click Modify Tags to adjust these tags.

If you see an improperly tagged discussion, you can edit its tags by clicking Read/reply for that discussion, then the Modify Tags link.

I wrote a program to assign tags to the existing discussions. Some discussions may have been mis-tagged, so feel free to modify tags on any discussions that need adjusting (again, just click Read/reply for the discussion, and then the Modify Tags link).

Happy trails!
posted Apr 28 2012 5:51AM - Ray (webmaster)

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