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Sedalia to Jeff City

Hi all. My wife and I are planning to ride from Sedalia to Jeff City next month hopefully. We've ridden the east end of the trail extensively but never west of JC. Any tips on where to go, what to do? I'd like to explore some of the Conservation Areas along the way, Diana Bend, Eagle Bluff. Will probably take a spin around Boonville and of course Rocheport. Anything good rides / routes / destinations within Boonville? I love the trail but the wife and I also like us some street riding to break it up.
posted May 2 2012 8:32PM - Haank, New Haven Mo

My sister and I were in Rocheport in 2010 and hiked on a conservation trail there. The river was high at the time but we were still able to enjoy views of a wetland area and hike uo a hillside. Also the general Store at that time
served food and had live music.
posted May 3 2012 12:00AM - Cathy, Jefferson City

There is a connecting trail into Columbia at mile marker 169.9 just west of McBaine. Its about a 9 mile trail that is really good. It takes you right to Flatbranch Park in Columbia. And rght across the road is Flatbranch Brewery which is awesome, great food and good atmosphere. If you are looking for a diversion, I would recommend this trail into Columbia. Good trail, part of it is through some trees. We had a fun afternoon when we rode this trail last summer.
posted May 3 2012 8:26AM - Bike Rider, Kansas City

Columbia is very bike friendly and the spur is a nice diversion off the Katy to get there. Also, east of Boonville is the AB clydesdale ranch. I've not been there and don't know the road, but it may be a good diversion also. Maybe someone that lives in that area can let us know if the road is paved/gravel/etc. There should be babies on the ground too.
posted May 3 2012 10:12AM - Trek

Trek you usually give good advice, but what's up with the babies on the ground thing?
posted May 3 2012 12:15PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

The Anheuser-Busch Co has a clydesdale breeding ranch east of Boonville. There should be baby horses born by now.
posted May 3 2012 12:54PM - Trek

We stayed at Katy Trail B&B in Rocheport, loved it! Also visit Abigails for dinner. GREAT bike shop- needed tubes they were cheaper there than at my shop in Springfield Mo.
posted May 12 2012 8:45PM - Rob, Willard

If you are interested in the conservation areas, you'll want to see this tree. Between Huntsdale and McBaine on Burr Oak Rd., just south of the trail is a beautiful old Champion Burr Oak tree. Ride down to it. My opinion, a highlight of the Katy Trail not to miss.
posted May 14 2012 5:06AM - Darrell, Jefferson City, Mo.

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