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Rocheport-Columbia Spur Mileage

I want to stop in Rocheport from Clinton for the first day on a full trail ride an stay in Columbia. I have auto SAG support. What is the bike mileage difference from going back to and getting back on at Rocheport the second day and continuing east or getting on in Columbia and riding the spur to the trail? The spur comes out east of Huntsdale on the trail? Would it be a shorter distance? I've ridden the full trail both ways several times but have never been on the Columbia spur. What are the opinions?
posted May 26 2012 3:34PM - DSD

It's almost exactly the same bike mileage either way. The Columbia spur hits the the Katy about a hundred yards west of the McBaine trailhead. I like the Columbia spur but it can have a lot of pedestrian traffic.
posted May 26 2012 4:50PM - Jim, St. Thomas

I believe it is just over 8 miles of one of the nicest parts of the trail, imo, to the Columbia spur. As for the spur, it depends where you start, from Flat Branch Park it's about the same distance, maybe a little farther, with more joggers, walkers, and cyclist. But, it is also a very nice ride with lots of shade for probably 3/4's of the way.

Sort of a toss up. You will have the shade of the bluffs in the morning coming from Rocheport but with fewer people. Having ridden the Katy Trail several times before, if it were me, I would check out the scenery of the MKT, it will probably be at a little slower pace though, but worth it, early is better. Enjoy your tour!
posted May 26 2012 4:51PM - Darrell, Jeff City, MO.

I ride the MKT spur or the KT between Rocheport and McBaine almost daily. The Rocheport to McBaine KT leg and Columbia to McBaine MKT leg are identical distances. If you haven't been on the MKT I would try it (the other response noting more pedestrian traffic on the MKT is accurate: runners, walkers, bicyclists - but it's still pleasantly manageable.) Regarding auto sag support - I think the road to the McBaine stop on the KT is better than the rode to Huntdale. Having then meet in you in Columbia at the Flatbranch Park (end of the MKT) would be the best option. Not really following your plan of stops... if you stop in Rocheport for a break then its only about 1.5 hrs from there to Columbia to have an overnight. One note: for all it's scenic beauty and shady areas the MKT does wind around ecological waste treatment filtration ponds near the MKT/KT trailhead. Just know that you have a mile or so of smelly area to traverse. It's not terrible but I'd hate to send you through there without fair warning.
posted May 31 2012 9:44AM - Dave, Columbia, MO

at the 5 mile mark on the MKT you will encounter heavy walking traffic for the rest of the way to Flat Branch Park if your coming thru in the morning before noon. Beware of the 5 wide walkers that are convinced they own the trail.
posted May 31 2012 2:32PM - Anonymous

Thanks to all the comments. I believe I'll get on at the MKT Columbia and take in the sites to the KT. My wife (SAG) then won't have to double back to Rocheport. For the 5 wide walkers it will be like bowling, aim off the head pin (just joking).
posted Jun 14 2012 11:05AM - DSD

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