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Katyrest Caboose

Trying to confirm for July 1, but I cannot reach the Katyrest Caboose by telephone. If you see this Bill, could you confirm that Rook (Linda) and Ginnis are reserved for this Sunday, July 1 when we arrive in Hartsburg by bicycle (how else?)
posted Jun 25 2012 2:19PM - Ginnis

By car
posted Jun 25 2012 2:33PM - Anonymous

Not to mention on the river or on foot.
posted Jun 25 2012 2:54PM - Doug, Bluffton

I think a few years back the train went through there too didn't it?
posted Jun 25 2012 3:53PM - Anonymous

Oh for crying out loud!

But wait what about horseback?
posted Jun 25 2012 5:44PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

I'd like to stay in Boonville next weekend. If a hotel manager see's this please make me a reservation and confirm which hotel it is for me here. Oh, I'd like to know the total cost including tax to. Thanks in advance for using this forum to make and confirm reservations. I can leave my Visa number here if it would be easier for you if I pay in advance.
posted Jun 25 2012 6:04PM - Anonymous

That's not nice anon. Ginnisn and Linda, using this forum for this purpose is fine. There are a couple of people from Hartsburg that I know check this site. Hopefully one of them will pass your question on to whoever runs the Caboose. Enjoy your time on the Katy Trail, drink plenty of fluids, try to stay cool.
posted Jun 25 2012 7:29PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

Ginnis: I just spoke to Bill, and he does indeed have reservations for you. Enjoy your trip. :)
posted Jun 26 2012 9:52AM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

The Katy Rest Caboose is run by Bill Mollendorp, 20 E Main, Hartsburg, MO 573-289-6782 as per BikeKAtyTrail.com.If you cannot get ahold of Bill ask Mayor Bud at the Bistro in Hartsburg at 573-657-9782.
posted Jun 26 2012 9:12PM - Michael Rodemeyer, Hartsburg

My wife and I just stayed at the Caboose and what a fun place it is. After a hot day on the trail, not only was the Caboose nice and clean but the airconditioning was on when we got there. Bill was great and very helpful to give us what we needed. The Caboose is not a B&B, but there is plenty of places to eat within walking distance. Looking forward to a future stay.
posted Jun 26 2012 9:16PM - Coop, Lees Summit, Mo

Just a correction to Micheal's post; our phone number at the Bistro is 573-657-1171. The 9782 number no longer works.
posted Jun 27 2012 10:14AM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

Hartsburg was our favorite town along the trail. Thanks for confirming our reservation!!!! We LOVED the caboose and the bistro.
posted Jul 7 2012 10:29PM - Ginnis, Rochester Hills, Michigan

Can the caboose sleep 4 adults comfortably? As a kid at heart, I would love to stay there, just having trouble reaching the owner.
posted Jul 10 2012 12:44PM - Kim, Austin, tx

There are 2 double beds in the caboose. Very comfortable.
posted Jul 11 2012 8:10AM - Ginnis and Rook, Rochester Hills, Michigan

Do they have showers anywhere?
posted Jul 29 2012 10:46AM - Ripson, Highland, IL

Yes, they have showers in Hartsburg. We had a light shower this morning but we really need a good soaking rain.
posted Jul 29 2012 12:10PM - Anonymous, Ashland

Have tried for over a week to reach Bill at different times on weekdays and weekends.

Need to reserve the Caboose for Sept 25.

Brian 620-779-1741

posted Aug 11 2018 3:19PM - Brian, Norman, OK

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