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Water water...where?

Call this the Big Water thread. Yes, water between Jefferson City and St. Charles can be a problem. We were in Augusta today and there was no water. Of course it was easy to find in town but the businesses aren't always open. While I don't expect the Katy to "serve" me, at the same time I agree that MDNR ought to put water in a few of these isolated type areas. Treloar, Augusta, Defiance, Weldon Spring. Not sure where / where not the water is between JC and McKittrick for example. I know it would take some time but if someone could compile a list of non-DNR spigots / water areas that may help.

Amanda in a different thread today noted the water spigot at Rhineland ballfield. Klondike Park east of Augusta has water and I am pretty sure they have frost free spigots, available year round. The spot at the campground in Portland has a spigot. Etc. We need water in Defiance, where is it? Not sure. If you go up the Mo Research Park trail to the treatment plant there's a water fountain, app MM 52.

For the visitor types to our beautiful trail, I would say don't take no water at the trailhead for an answer. With a little searching you can find it. The song Proud Mary says "people on the river are happy to give." Well, people on the Katy are happy to give too. For real. You oughta try it.
posted Jul 8 2012 8:43PM - Hank, New Haven, MO

I fill water bottles from the restroom sink at Katy Bike Rental east of the trail head in defiance. They are right off the trail across the wooden bridge. They sell Gatorade and ice cream treats also.
posted Jul 10 2012 8:04PM - savage24, KC, MO

Come on Hank, you're a local boy and seems you know where the water is and is not. That section probably has more water than other stops west of Treloar. As I told Ginnis get a iced bladder for especially days of over 100F temp and holiday rides or use a few coins and go to the pay areas. Begging, not my style unless offered first.
posted Jul 20 2012 11:25AM - KR

There is a drinking fountain that can be used to refill supplies at the Dutzow trailhead. Did it a couple weeks ago.
posted Jul 20 2012 4:58PM - Jim, St. Louis

It is not apparent, but at Huntsdale, there is a public bathroom/shower/water at the campground. There is a red building/store right on the trail (Katfish Katy's), and the campground and bathroom are about a quarter a mile south on the gravel. It is a block building, visible from the trail.
posted Jul 23 2012 11:21PM - Anonymous, Huntsdale

Here is where we got water this past week: N. Jeff city (water at trailhead), Tebbett (Biker's Hostel. inside or vending on porch), Mokane (general store in town), Rhineland (gas station or cafe) Marthasville (trailhead or gas station) Dutzow (trailhead or cafe) Augusta (brewery has ice water jugs), Defiance (Bike shop/restroom) MO Research Park parking lot( .75 mile) and St. Charles.
posted Jul 31 2012 12:47PM - Tess, OFallon, MO

Thanks Tess. I am compiling a list and will post when finished. I think Rhineland has a spigot near the ballfield, but I forget where?
posted Aug 1 2012 7:37AM - Hank, New Haven, MO

If I'm remembering correctly, there's a spigot under or next to the shelter house in Rhineland... right off the trail. There are also nice bathrooms and you can get water from the sinks in there. Also a vending machine. Hard to remember for sure, as last time we spent awhile in the shelter it was to escape a heavy downpour, so water wasn't our priority.
posted Aug 1 2012 8:36AM - kim, independence, mo

What about Treloar, anyone?
posted Aug 2 2012 7:05AM - Hank, New Haven, MO

IIRC at Treloar there is a soda machine across the parking lot that had water.
posted Aug 2 2012 11:28AM - Russ, St Louis

Thanks everyone for sharing this info. Next week I will be on the trail myself and will double-check and verify what businesses and services are out there, and will update all the listings here.
posted Aug 2 2012 12:29PM - Ray (webmaster)

The soda machine in Treloar has been removed--no source there anymore.
posted Aug 6 2012 2:14PM - Jim, St. Louis

That's too bad the soda machine at Treloar is gone. Has the bar gone out of business too?
posted Aug 7 2012 9:29AM - Russ, St Louis

It appeared closed, signs removed, soda machine gone and a closed sign on the door this past Sunday when they were usually open.
posted Aug 7 2012 11:06AM - Jim, St. Louis

There is also water in McKittrick. Loutre market is very close to the trail and easy to get to with several vending machines outside. And when the McKittrick Farmers Mercantile is open or if Joey and Rich are around they will happily give you water.
posted Aug 7 2012 9:05PM - Joey Los, McKittrick, Mo

You can always stop at the Dutzow Deli & Restaurant if traveling west from St. Charles before you get Treolar. Water, Gatorade, Soda, Ice and Good food is available.
posted Aug 20 2012 12:04PM - Tina, Dutzpw

Re: Treloar
Apparently the bar was run by the Twin Gables in Marthasville. According to Don in Marthasville, there was a rent dispute and the restaurant closed, taking the vending machines with them. It's a long stretch between Marthasville and McKittrick...
posted Aug 22 2012 12:49PM - kevin, Jeff City

An unapparent resource is the Railwood Golf Club Pro Shop, located 1/2 mile north of the trail, 2 1/2 miles east of the North Jefferson City Trailhead, on County Road 4037. It is relaxed and open to the public. It is open 8 until dark, weather permitting, i.e., not raining, snowing, temperature above freezing, 7 days a week except Christmas day. The grill is open 11ish to 1ish. Water, soda,
tea, beer, snacks, candy, and expensive snake bashing sticks, are always available.
posted Aug 23 2012 11:26AM - Buddy, Jefferson City

There is an outdoor spigot at the Augusta Brewing Company. Go up the outdoor wooden steps, turn left. The spigot comes straight up out of the ground past the outdoor table.
posted Aug 24 2012 4:10AM - Steve Mo, St. Charles

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