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Do Not Go To Katy's Little Lodge

I just came from the trail a few days ago, July 20, 2012. I booked our B&B stays by getting the phone numbers or web sites through this site. Long story short, booked one night at Katy's Little Lodge, planed for dinner and of course breakfast. After realizing we were going to arrive later than expected, I called "Miss Patty" to let her know what was going on. No answer and no call back, we continued to head her way, finally I called again and she was not so nice and in fact drunk (however we did not know this until later). After telling me a sob story explaining why she was not so nice to me on the phone, she agreed to pick us up in Rocheport due to our being so far out and it was getting late. As I was arriving to the station she was getting ready to back out and leave! She said so herself she had two beers one opened the other not sitting in her cup holders. Unsure of her condition and state of mind (although we were getting a pretty good idea) we were tired, desperate and not really feeling we had many options so against everything we know we get in car with her. We really knew she was drunk or something, we did arrive ok although not without incident but I'll try to keep to the point. She had said on the phone that she had a nice dinner planed for us and blablabla, we ended up just telling her we'd cook our own meal, due to her condition, crying and drunk and we really did not want to be around her any longer. Two tomatoes one cucumber, a can of diced tomatoes, a rotten head of iceberg lettuce that was our nice dinner! OMG we made the best of it and got the heck out of there in the morning. Arriving at our next destination we were told by the owners that they heard from other guest similar events having taken place at this same lodge. This story really needs to be told, nobody should have to deal with this sort of thing. This was the short version of our story you can imagine the rest. BAD BAD BAD!
posted Jul 23 2012 11:11PM - Jennifer Lamberti, St. Louis

Wow. That stinks! Thanks for the note.
posted Jul 24 2012 8:46PM - Anonymous

Yes, wow!

On the bright side, you lived to tell about it. "Remember the time we stayed..."
posted Jul 30 2012 11:09PM - Dennis

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