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Bike Trip Spring 2013 /tent camping the Katy Trail

I'm planning an end-end Katy Bike tour for next spring. I'm running the numbers on doing one staying at hotels/b&b's. I would also like to do one where it's primarily tent camping. Any suggestions about the various campgrounds, fees, distance from trail and wether they have showers would be helpful.

How is the Mo. State Fairgrounds in Sedalia? I would like to do about 35-40 miles a day. Clinton-Sedalia-Boonville-Hartsburg-Rhineland/McKittrick-Augusta-St.Charles.

Also noticed alot of places closed on Monday's for eating.
posted Jul 28 2012 11:38AM - Ripson, Highland IL

We have both B & B and tent camping in Hartsburg, come try us.
posted Jul 29 2012 3:41PM - Mike Rodemeyer, Hartsburg

We just finished an end to end (then back again) trip. I don't know where you're starting, but we started in St. Charles. We mixed up the camping/B&B/hotel. The places we stayed were: Joey's Birdhouse (B&B $70-80, and highly recommended in McKittick). Cooper's Landing camp in Easley (fair but with shower & laundry), Best Western in Sedalia (Very nice and under $60) on the return trip we camped at Katfish Katy's in Huntdale (best place!) and Rendleman Home in Bluffton let us camp in his yard. All the places had showers, some with laundry. Klondike park near Augusta is a great place to camp.
posted Jul 31 2012 12:21PM - Tess, OFallon, MO

We've done it both ways (sort of). First time we started in Clinton. Stayed at Best Western in Sedalia, Katy Rest & Ride in Rocheport, Hostel in Tebbetts, Little House in Marthasville. Second time, also started in Clinton. Camped at Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Katy Roundhouse in New Franklin, then stayed at the Globe B&B in Hartsburg, Rendleman in Bluffton (although we ended up staying in the B&B), and then stayed at Lococco House in St. Charles. We added some extra on this last trip. Lococco took us over the river to Alton, and we rode up to Pere Marquette State Park using the Sam Vadalabene Bike Trail. Then rode back down that trail to camp at the KOA in Eureka (St. Louis West). The final day we rode over the Chain of Rocks Bridge and down the Riverfront Trail to the Arch where we were picked up by family.
posted Aug 1 2012 8:51AM - kim, independence, mo

Kim, that Riverfront Trail from the COR bridge downtown to StL is how far and is the trail and surroundings decent?
posted Aug 3 2012 7:06PM - KR

This was in 2009. The Riverfront Trail was very nice. It really varies in that some areas are in a park setting, some are industrial, some are on the levy, and closer to the Arch it goes through some "back alley" type areas. We were close into the city, but as we were biking on the levy area, we encountered some wild turkey. On the other hand, the Vadalabene Bike Trail varies from being next to, or ON the highway, to going off up into the bluffs with some rolling hills. The Chain of Rocks bridge is awesome!
posted Aug 6 2012 9:46AM - kim, independence, mo

Here is my experience on camping with showers.
Sedalia has showers
Katy roundhouse has Showers
Hartsburg city park no showers but a good place to stop.
Tebbetts Turner Shelter has showers
Portland, Rivers Edge campground has showers
Herman city park has showers
Marthasville ball field has showers
Klondike park has showers (last camping on trail)
This above is all based on about 35 miles a day, there are other places.
I usually do either Tebbetts or Portland but not both in the same trip. This has always worked for me and I have done the whole tail about 7 times camping all the way.

posted Aug 18 2012 10:52AM - Allen

I camped at the Marthasville ball park last weekend. You can camp on the ground or under the shelter (you could also hang a hammock there) and there are restaurants and convenience stores nearby. Just call, they'll open the bathroom and showers for you. Cost $5.
posted Aug 22 2012 12:54PM - kevin, Jeff City

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