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How many miles a day????

We are looking @ riding Katy Trail... Clinton - Machens. We don't ride everyday...but often and about 20-30 miles @ a time in the mornings...but mainly because then we are off doing chores around the house, etc. . We looking @ taking 6 days...35,26,34,45,47 51 miles per day...taking breaks, lunch etc...will we be trying to over achieve??? We feel like we can do each mileage over full day..any comments???
posted Aug 27 2012 3:11PM - Beginner, Fulton

Since you seem to be in Fulton, I would suggest to take a day ride befor your big trip. You could ride from N. Jefferson to Coopers Landing in Easley, have lunch and return. That would give you about a 40 mile day, and see how that feels.
posted Aug 27 2012 3:57PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

and, when you do that 40 mile day trip, load your bike down with whatever you would take on the week long trip.
posted Aug 27 2012 4:04PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

I rode last week from Sedalia to St Charles in 3 days - it's not easy as it sounds. Make sure you take food and plenty of of bottled water with you. After Jefferson there's no water stations... I'd 3 flats right before getting to McKittick - beware of the grass on the trail... Some other riders have commented on that. I talked to a local man in town and he said that is the same story he hears over and over over riders going through the same spot...
Some of the places to eat listed in here are closed on Tuesdays...
posted Aug 28 2012 9:52AM - jr

Thanks for the input.....I especially like the suggestion of adding the weight you will be taking on the "real deal"!
posted Aug 29 2012 11:38AM - New Rider, Fulton

The Katy Trail is relatively flat compared to what most people are used to riding on at home so you can accomplish more than you think. You'll climb more on the western half coming east than you will after you pass Booneville. But being a rail bed the slope won't ever be more than 2%. I rode the entire trail last May in 3 days and did my longer days up front because I was fresher. I'd suggest you plan your trip that same way instead of how you have it planned now. Also, Machens is out in the middle of field and tough for a pickup vehicle to find. Make sure you research that location well.
posted Sep 2 2012 10:26PM - Dave, Overland Park, KS

We found 50 miles a day to be good. One day we did 75 (had to meet train) & it wore us out. Plus the part we love about the trail is checking out the little towns & places of interest. If you rush it too much you miss out. IMHO
posted Sep 4 2012 5:59PM - Jen Tobey, Leavenworth

We live in Fulton, too and like to ride the Katy. We are doing the whole Katy in three weeks. We will go from Clinton to Machens in four days, then back to Jeff City in two. Average 50-60 miles a day. When we ride, we go 50 in about 7 hours. I think you'll be fine, but I'll let you know for sure! We should ride sometime!
posted Sep 5 2012 11:35PM - dwallace, Fulton

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