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Trail Conditions / Saturday ride invite

Planning a ride this Saturday 10-20-12, from Rocheport to N.Jefferson and back. If anyone has ridden this stretch recently and can tell me what trail conditions were like, I would be greatful. And, if anyone is looking for someone to ride with this Saturday, we'll be at the Rocheport Trailhead (across from the bike shop) at about 9 AM. The plan is to ride to N. Jefferson, turn around, ride back as far as Hartsburg and stop for lunch. We are flexible if speed and distance dictate a new plan.
posted Oct 18 2012 9:21AM - Figs, Olathe, KS

Be prepared for ghosts, goblins, and other freakish/fun riders to be sharing the trail with you on Sat. Off-Track events "Monster Bash" ride is that day. Registration is in downtown Columbia from 9 - 10...riders will take the MKT spur to the Katy, with stops at Lucy's (McBain), Katfish Katys, and finally Rocheport (lunch, then costume parade and tunnel dance at 3:00 p.m. I think)....there will be several riders - including myself and 4 other "Biker Gang" members =D...enjoy your day, it is a beautiful stretch of trail!
posted Oct 18 2012 9:34AM - Robin, Macon

Rode through that stretch last week. Trail is covered with leaves, which hide the walnuts and acorns. So you have to be careful when riding fast. You're looking to do about 70 miles round trip with a stop for lunch, and starting at 9:00. Sun sets about 6:15. That gives you about 8 hours max riding, including lunch. So you would have to average 9 mph, not including potty breaks. That is a pretty good rate depending on who is riding. Things I would ask: 1) Are you up to a 70-mile ride? 2) Can you start a couple hours earlier to make it a less-stressful ride?
It's no fun being rushed to finish before dark. Been there, done that. Good luck!
posted Oct 18 2012 9:41AM - Mark, Boonville, MO

Thanks Mark,

We are aware of the distance and time issue. I will discuss leaving home earlier with the Mark I am riding with. On our rides near home, we usually average 12-13 mph, and we have some large hills to climb. I know that we'll want to stop for photos on KT, but we should still be able to make it in under 7 hours. BUT, if time looks like it's gonna be an issue, we can alter our turn around point, maybe Hartsburg. I want to do at least 50 miles, that's what I've been training for the last couple months.
posted Oct 18 2012 9:52AM - Figs, Olathe, KS

Have you been training on asphalt or crushed limestone? I average 14mph on paved surfaces, but only about 10mph on the Katy. Also, it seems that I pedal harder (read: my butt hurts more) when riding on the Katy!
posted Oct 18 2012 10:12AM - Mark, Boonville, MO

I agree, 70 is a long ride. We rode from N. Jefferson City to Washington last month (73 miles). We left at 7:30 a.m. and arrived at about 7:00 p.m. with a hour lunch and a few short breaks - the guys average 14 and up on asphalt and my average is 11 - 12....10 is our average on the trail tho. And yes, our backsides hurt very, very much at the end of the day! 50 is now my magic number!
posted Oct 18 2012 10:29AM - Robin, Macon

I have been training mainly on asphalt, most of the trails that we have in Johnson County are beautifully maintained and paved. There are MANY miles. I am aware, on advice of many people, that our time will be slower on the gravel. I think we are going to adjust plans, thanks to so many helpful folks, and plan Rocheport to Hartsburg and back. We will be flexible enough to go further if we are more studly than appearances suggest; or, go shorter distance if we are being too egocentric!!
posted Oct 18 2012 3:03PM - Figs, Olathe, KS

Figs, you will have a great time from Rocheport to Hartsburg. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the Katy (and the whole US). Take a good camera and be sure to keep glancing up at the bluffs for great shots. The leaves are perfect this week. The two places to eat in Hartsburg get crowded on Saturdays, so be prepared for that. Enjoy!
posted Oct 18 2012 4:42PM - Mark, Boonville, MO

Figs, Just start earlier and go for the 70 with some good advice from us. Be vigilant watching the trail surface, slow down for the ghosts and goblins and the nice scenery. Take some good pics too. That is the best section on the entire trail. Take it all in. Go for it.
posted Oct 18 2012 8:20PM - Go For It

There is a new restaurant in Hartsburg called the Hartsburg Grand. Open Thursday thru Sunday at 11AM. Its on the main strip, seconds from the trailhead.
posted Oct 18 2012 9:44PM - one speed

We are planning also for this Saturday. It will be our first time and I wonder if road bike would be a good choice for this time of the season, or should I just bring mountain bikes?
posted Oct 19 2012 11:14AM - aNdRuMx, Kansas City

aNdRuMx>>> the two of us are going to be riding hybrids..700c tires, doing so because that's what we have.

Will we run into you on the trail? Sunrise is 7:25 tomorrow. We have adjusted our time to arrive in Rocheport by about 7 to check out bikes and suit up and ride by 7:30. Rocheport to at least Hartsburg.

ark, thanks again. I have my good digital Cannon packed with a tripod. part of the reason we changed to 50 miles is so we can slow down and get some pics.

Where exactly is the tunnel on the trail: East or West of Rocheport?
posted Oct 19 2012 1:02PM - Figs, Olathe, KS

Tunnel is west of Rocheport, very close, You may see it if you are on trail at trailhead in Rochport and look west. Definitely check it out. Have a great time on your ride. Tomorrow should be wonderful weather.
posted Oct 19 2012 1:15PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

Thank You Cathy, I definatley want pics from the tunnel.
posted Oct 19 2012 1:46PM - Figs, Olathe, KS

Just wanted thank everyone for the comments. I cannot wait until tommrow. This is going to be a great ride. Distance is not that big of a deal if we make 70 great if not great. Just going to enjoy the trip and not kill ourselves.
posted Oct 19 2012 1:56PM - Mark, Olathe, Ks

Figs/Mark: The tunnel is about 3 blocks west of the Rocheport trailhead. Other good pics where you're going: probably fog over the river that time of day; the MKT explosives bunker near Rocheport (door in the bluffs); you have to get your pic under the Bur Oak in McBaine (1/4 mi off trail); Boathenge at Cooper's Landing. Have fun!
posted Oct 19 2012 4:11PM - Mark, Boonville, MO

Wow Boonville Mark! You are quite the tour coordinator. Thank you. We will certainly attempt to soak it all in. This is really a test run for Olathe Mark and me. If all goes well, I am sure we will plan other rides on KT. I would eventually like to be able to say I've ridden the whole thing.
posted Oct 19 2012 4:37PM - Figs, Olathe, KS

Mark, Boonville; we did 72 miles! I had planned to knock it down to 50, but we got to Hartsburg and I felt pretty good, so we kept going. Next thing I know, I see the signs for N. Jefferson... the last 20 miles heading home,, well, not easy, but we made it and enjoyed it very much!
posted Oct 21 2012 8:40AM - Anonymous

My husband and I were on the trail that day with the Monster Bike Bash. Raggedy Ann and Andy if you saw us. That's the best part of the trail in my opinion.
posted Oct 23 2012 1:34PM - denise wallace, Fulton

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