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Katy Trail Rock Island Spur Comments
Trailside food

Don't know want that breaded stuff was - gar? Carp? Certainly wasn't. Catfish. Absolutely tasteless and chewy like jerky. Yuk!!! Noisy, smokey, rude waitress (though one of the other waitresses stepped in an was a jewel). Maybe it was a bad fish day but would NEVER recommend this place!
posted Dec 4 2012 4:05PM - Anonymous, Kansas city

Ahhhhhhh.......another entry in Guess What Place I'm Talking Bad About. My guess is Dirty Joe's Noisy, Smokey, Rude Carp & Gar Shack.
posted Dec 4 2012 5:40PM - Jim, St. Thomas

Come on Jim. Be more understanding of the marginally literate. If he can't remember his OWN name how can you possibly expect him to remember the name of the business?
posted Dec 4 2012 6:20PM - Doug, Bluffton

Yum, Dirty Joe's Noisy, Smokey, Rude Carp and Gar Shack makes the best fish jerkey around. Really hits the spot after a long hard day of writing Katy Trail restaurant reviews.
posted Dec 5 2012 9:03PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

You guys are funny. First word on reviews, location. Then you get it out of the way. Ray, set up a form for reviews where you can't submit comment unless you have location, please. Maybe its intentional? Think?
posted Dec 6 2012 8:45AM - Don

Agreed. This type of post is the equivalent of "Butt dialing".
posted Dec 6 2012 2:19PM - ArkyKenny

My guess is the OP is referring the Trailside in Rhineland although I would't agree with the negative review. I'll have to try Dirty Joe's.
posted Jan 4 2013 1:53PM - Russ, St Louis

I Googled Dirty Joes and it kept looping me back to this forum. Can anyone tell me where it's located?
posted Jan 4 2013 1:58PM - Russ, St Louis

Russ, Dirty Joe’s is located in the deep recesses of Jim’s mind sometimes referred to as the Twilight Zone. I would not advise your traveling there lest you not be able to return.
posted Jan 5 2013 12:09AM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

Try searching with quotes, like this Russ, "Dirty Joe's Noisy, Smokey, Rude Carp & Gar Shack" instead of just searching for Dirty Joes. You should have better results.
posted Jan 5 2013 4:54PM - Anonymous

Thanks. I think I fell for someone's tongue in cheek sense of humor. That's okay. A noisy, smokey and rude fish shack sounds like fun.
posted Jan 7 2013 8:28AM - Russ, St Louis

You really thought there was a place called "Dirty Joe's Noisy, Smokey, Rude Carp & Gar Shack?" Sounds like your Kryptonite level is below the healthy level.
posted Jan 7 2013 1:17PM - Anonymous

I'm not sure where my Kryptonite level is but just yesterday I ate lunch at a fish shack along the Illinois River. The
fried Catfish and onion rings were quite tasty. The place was not too noisy and not too smokey though since it was outside seating. Places like this are why I ride!
posted Jan 7 2013 2:31PM - Russ, St Louis

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