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March Camping

Hello Experts,

First time Katy Rider here and I need a bit of help.

Planning on doing an unsupported ride from Dutzow to Sedalia in March. Will take the train back to Washington (Dutzow) when done.

I see lots of campgrounds along the way, but does anyone know if they will be open in mid-march? I just want to ensure I'll have access to a toilet and a shower.

Thanks so much for the help.
posted Jan 22 2013 12:42PM - SofiAndMe, Bettendorf, IA

Your best bet would be to contact those places that you'd like to stay and have them tell first hand if they'll be open on the days you'd like to stay.
posted Jan 22 2013 1:13PM - Trek

The bathrooms and drinking fountains are winterized, and won't open up until early April. It doesn't mean that those things aren't available (they are), but you will probably have to get off the trail so you can get them at convenience stores, restaurants, etc. You'll also want to bring your own toilet paper (which is usually not necessary for me on the Katy)

You'll be able to find somewhere to camp/sleep without too much difficulty (just knock on a door and ask for permission to do so if nothing else), and/or print off info from this site or use a smart phone to access it. Otherwise, make sure you get hotel/B&B reservations.

If you use a CamelBak and 2 water bottles, and fill them up at every opportunity to do so, you should be fine on liquids.

Bring plenty of your own food, warm and wet weather clothing, tubes/repair stuff/etc. just in case you need them (because they won't be as readily available as they would otherwise be)---not that you wouldn't bring them anyway, but bring extra.

Otherwise, have a great time. Hopefully, the weather will be great.
posted Jan 22 2013 1:52PM - ArkyKenny

Best wishes with the ride. Sounds great.

If it was me, I would have reservations and know where I was going to be spending the night...

That's just me. I don't like riding along "worrying" about where I will rest my head. It takes away some of the enjoyment for me...plus I like the idea of knowing where the goal is for the day. Again - that's just me.

As suggested earlier, I would be on the phone trying to find out what was open for re-supply and MANY places are shut down until April.
posted Jan 23 2013 8:11AM - Anonymous

Since I have ridden the trail end to end in late march, weather and trail condition are a bigger concern than summer time. Planning as the others have said with reservations, since not much is open, carrying as much as possible with you and knowing starting and stopping points are a very good and wise idea.
posted Jan 23 2013 4:05PM - Two Cents Worth

Thanks all for the help. Sounds like official camping spots may be hard to find in March. I'll have start calling around and identify who is open. I was trying to not lock ourselves into any specific timetable that way we could go as fast slow as we wanted. Generally shoot for 40 miles a day but don't mind slowing down or speeding up depending of what we see and hear. Also don't want to "have" to ride in the rain just to stay on "schedule". Thanks again. Please keep posting if anyone else comes up with a stroke of genius that has yet to be mentioned.
R. SofiAndMe.
posted Jan 23 2013 9:09PM - SofiAndMe, Bettendorf, IA

Starting in Dutzow I would go to Bluffton Day 1, Hartsburg Day 2, New Franklin Day 3 Sedalia Day 4. Camping available at each spot. Yes, call ahead.
posted Jan 24 2013 7:01AM - Haank, New Haven, MO

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