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Katy Trail closures from flooding

The Missouri River is predicted to crest at 28.3' at the Boonville Gage sometime early Saturday morning, April 20. When this happens, the Katy Trail will be under water between mileposts 178.9 to 181.5 west of the Rocheport tunnel, between mileposts 153.6 and 157.9 between Hartsburg and Rt. M, and possibly between mileposts 161.8 to 165.5 between Bonne Femme Creek and the Providence River Access.

Additionally, the parking lot at the Providence River Access at milepost 165.5 will be under water, as will Easley River Road near milepost 162. While the road is under water, the trail will be opened to local vehicular traffic in this area so users need to exercise caution and expect to encounter vehicles on the trail.

The Missouri River is also predicted to crest at 31.9' at the St. Charles Gage sometime early Monday morning, April 22. When this happens, the Katy Trail will be under water between mileposts 34 and 34.7 east of St. Charles, on either side of the Weldon Spring trailhead at milepost 56, and possible near Frontier Park in St. Charles.

The trail will be closed at the flooded locations and signs posted to warn users of the temporary closures. Additionally, flash flooding can occur across the trail from area creeks and streams. Trail users will need to avoid these areas and should never travel through flood water.

For updates and other trail advisories, check out our website at http://www.mostateparks.com/park/katy-trail-state-park.
posted Apr 18 2013 5:50AM - Dawn Fredrickson, Katy Trail Coordinator

Thanks so much for the information, Dawn, this will change my plans for the weekend. What a difference a year makes -- or even a couple of months in this case!
posted Apr 18 2013 10:04AM - Don, Ellisville, MO

Four of us plan to ride the trail from St Charles to Sedalia from April 22 to 27th. Can you update flooding conditions as our date gets closer. Thanks.
posted Apr 18 2013 1:09PM - pam, iowa city ia

Wow, Thank You, although I doubt I'll get to ride at this time, it's nice to know that informed folks are looking out for us. I do hope that there's no lasting damage to the trail in the areas near Boonville. I have three terrific days on the trail up there during Pedaler's Jamboree.
posted Apr 18 2013 2:14PM - Figs, Olathe, KS

FYI, link to flood info on Katy to bookmark if you are traveling:

posted Apr 18 2013 2:59PM - steve k, saint louis, mo

Thanks so much for posting this kind of info. The management and upkeep of this trail has impressed me soo munch since I got here. Is there a place/person/organization we can volunteer with to help with post flood clean up?
posted Apr 18 2013 3:14PM - Steve S, Whiteman AFB

Thanks Dawn! We plan to ride from McKittrick to St. Charles on May 25-26. Is there a number we can call to get an update like this in case it rains?
posted Apr 18 2013 3:32PM - Linda

We have great news! Because we did not receive the anticipated amounts of precipitation during yesterday’s storms, the National Weather Service has significantly backed off its flood predictions for the Missouri River.

The river is now predicted to crest at 23.8’ at the Boonville Gauge around 7 a.m. Saturday morning, April 20, which is about 4’ above flood stage but thankfully not high enough to flood the Katy Trail at the originally listed locations near Rocheport, Hartsburg and Providence. Additionally, it is not anticipated that the Easley River Road will be flooded.

The river is predicted to crest at 28.2’ at the St. Charles Gauge around 7 p.m. on Sunday, April 21, about 3’ above flood stage. At this flood stage, the Katy Trail may still be under water between mileposts 34 and 34.7 east of St. Charles, but will not be flooded near Weldon Spring Trailhead or Frontier Park.

Trail users will still need to exercise caution, as they may encounter areas of rough surface or debris across the trail where storm water overtopped culverts and ditches. These areas will be signed and staff is working diligently to make repairs as quickly as possible.

In answer to some of the posts about receiving updates prior to trips, we'll continue to post updates here, on our Katy Trail Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/KatyTrailStatePark), and on our Katy Trail website. The neat thing about our Katy Trail website is that we provide a webpage that lists potential flood locations on the trail (http://mostateparks.com/page/58843/potential-flood-locations) and also provides a link to the National Weather Service's hydrologic prediction pages for the Missouri River at the Boonville and St. Charles gauges.

You're also more than welcome to call the Katy Trail State Park office at 573-449-7402 for updates on storm damage, construction projects, special events, etc. This is also the number to call if you're interested in volunteerin
posted Apr 19 2013 8:18AM - Dawn Fredrickson, Katy Trail Coordinator

posted Apr 19 2013 11:37AM - Figs, Olathe

Absolutely fantastic, helpful, & timely info, thanks so much. A couple friends & I are planning a daytrip ride on the 27th. This gives confidence to expectations about trail conditions. Thanks again!
posted Apr 21 2013 5:53AM - Bill P, Ottawa, KS

On Saturday (4/20) , Easley River Road was under water near MM 162. Traffic was rerouted onto the trail. Interesting when 2 cars meet!
posted Apr 22 2013 6:53AM - Ted, JC, MO

Thanks for all the information. Four of us are planning a ride May 2 to May 5. First from St. Charles to Marthasville, then west awhile and back to Augusta, returning to St. Charles on the 5th. Unpleasantness from the rainy forecast aside, will we encounter any residual problems on this route?
posted Apr 30 2013 8:14PM - Duane, Peoria, IL

Duane, if we receive any rain, you may encounter some minor washouts or areas with rough surface, but these will be posted. Enjoy your trip!
posted May 1 2013 8:32AM - Dawn Fredrickson, Katy Trail Coordinator

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