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Suspicious Person

My wife and I were running this morning from the Providence entrance toward Stadium Blvd in Columbia. We both work in law enforcement, so don't take what I'm saying lightly, we know what we're talking about. There was a white male in his 40's with shoulder length brown hair and a brown/gray mustache acting very suspicious. We first noticed him when we saw him staring at a female running with a stroller and two small children. I feel confident that had we not intervened, she and her children would have been his victims. This guy is definitely a predator. Keep your head up and eyes open when you're on the trail. Make sure you have your cell phone and be prepared to report anything or anyone suspicious.
posted May 13 2013 9:27AM - Aaron Banks, Columbia

Good Advice and thanks for the heads up Aaron.

On a related note. In the last couple weeks, a killer, who recently killed two women in the KC area and then committed suicide in jail had made a confession to investigators that he had ambushed a woman on the KT and drug her into the woods along the trail where he raped and killed her. To date, there have been no matches made to any missing persons, nor has there been any remains located that would match this confession. But, it does help to highlight that we need to keep our eyes and ears open and look after one another while riding/jogging/walking along the wonderful KT.

PS Aaron- I too work in the "blue industry".
posted May 13 2013 11:20AM - Figs, Olathe

It's important also to know where you are in the event you have trouble and to know who to call.

I carry emergency numbers to call by the county that I'm in. And I most always know how far I am from the next town or landmark.

Aarons suspect was seen on the MKT Spur well inside Columbia and not on the Katy Trail. That's not to say that a similar suspicious person couldn't be seen on the Katy, but the information is a bit missleading.
posted May 13 2013 12:15PM - Trek

Update: The police are familiar with this guy and he is a long time resident of the city. That means, he's not going anywhere, so be alert when on the MKT.
posted May 20 2013 8:15PM - Aaron Banks, Columbia

has there been any kind of trouble like this closer to the St. Louis, Augusta, Marthasville portion of the trail. Need to hear any suspisious activity as a group of middle aged people are planning on a walk in that area...
posted May 21 2013 6:57PM - TNTM, mid missouri

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