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Any really romantic restaurants/wineries/other on the route?
posted Apr 13 2006 5:40AM - Janie, Scottsdale, AZ

I'm certainly no authority on romance - I'm a fourty year old bachelor headed towards full curmudgeon status - but Les Bourgious Winery at Rocheport gets my vote.
A friends sister had her wedding reception at the A-frame several years ago, before the bistro was built. Since they built the bistro it has become a popular for weddings.
posted Apr 13 2006 6:11AM - savage24, KC,MO

This is not my area of expertise either...BUT, I have to agree with savage24...Les Bourgious
(sp?) in Rocheport gets my vote as a great choice. I have eaten there many times after riding
the trail (by myself mostly) but, the food is great, the service is excellent and it gets the
romantic vote...the view from the restuarant overlooking the river is fantastic.
posted Apr 15 2006 11:07PM - sbikes, Kansas City

Any of you guys seen "Six Days, Seven Nights"? While the Katy isn't an island, I think it applies..."if you don't bring it here, you won't find it here". I been married 28 years next month. Romance is not where you find it, it's where you take it. It can be Sonic or the fanciest french joint you can find. A picnic with some cheese, summer sausage and 5 dollar wine, or filet mignon in a candlelit bistro, don't matter. If you love your partner, make it special...every minute of the day. It took some time to learn this, and we almost hung it up a couple of times, but we kept trying, and we made it. Now, 2 kids, 1 grandchild and a several dogs and cats later, we still don't have it figured out. But we'll just keep trying to figure it out. That's what matters.
posted Apr 18 2006 9:07PM - bryan, Springdale, AR

As a woman in her "late" 30's (or possibly early 40's) who hasn't found romance in the way
you have...but, my married friends all assure me it is out there...it is nice to hear success
stories! Thanks for sharing!

P.S. I still think the winery in Rocheport qualifies...candlelight, nice glass of wine, great food!
But, as I said in my earlier posting, what do I know?!!
posted Apr 18 2006 10:02PM - sbikes, KCMO

Thanks Bryan - although a bachelor, the "re-grounding" was a pleasure to read...again thanks. Regards....Mark of the Dalton Boys
posted Apr 19 2006 9:11AM - Mark of the Dalton Boys, Austin, TX/Columbia, MO.

I've seen people finding romance along the Katy.....just barely off the trail even! And, I've seen em in their car at Sonic...prolly the same folks for all I know.

For me....I'll take my romance with me, order from the menu at Les Bourgeois along with a bottle of their Riverboat Red or White over a corndog any day of the week!


It's all good folks!
posted Apr 19 2006 2:18PM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

There are plenty of romantic spots to stop and have a good time at. Les Bougious is one, Summit Winery in Holts Summet near the N Jefferson trail head. Hartsburg has a winery and a couple of really neat resturaunts to eat at.

Best thing to do is decide where your going to start and just go until you find something. Just being on the trail with your loved one and sharing in that experience is going to be pretty romantic in itself.
posted Apr 19 2006 2:42PM - Mike Johnson, Jefferson City

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