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Comprehensive list of Katy Trail closures

The following sections of trail are closed due to flooding or storm damage. The flooded areas will be signed and barricaded. With the exception of the section of trail west of the Rocheport tunnel, there are no available detours around the flooded portions so users should avoid these areas. As flood waters recede, staff and equipment will be on the trail to make repairs and remove storm debris. Additionally, rough areas, minor debris and downed trees can occur at any time on any section of the trail due to weather variations. All users should be alert to these possible conditions and exercise caution when on the trail. Users should never go through flood waters or around fenced off closures. For information about Missouri River levels and how they may impact the Katy Trail, visit http://mostateparks.com/page/58843/potential-flood-locations.

- MM 34-35 – flooding on the trail approx. 5 miles east of St. Charles
- MM 39 – flooding at Frontier Park in St. Charles
- MM 39-55 (Frontier Park in St. Charles to Weldon Spring) – extensive storm damage resulting in many trees across the trail
- MM 56 – flooding on trail on either side of Weldon Spring Trailhead
- MM 61-63 – trail opened to local vehicular traffic because of flooding on roads
- MM 87-97 – flooding on trail starting three miles west of Treloar Trailhead
- MM 110-120 – intermittent flooding on trail from Bluffton to Steedman
- MM 125 – flooding on trail at Mokane
- MM 125-127 – trail opened to vehicular traffic because of flooding on roads
- MM 141 – flooding on trail approx. two miles east of N. Jefferson Trailhead
- MM 143 – flooding on parking lot at N. Jefferson Trailhead
- MM 147 – flooding on trail at Cedar Creek
- MM 155-158 – flooding on trail between Hartsburg and Rte. M
- MM 159 – severe washouts from flash flooding
- MM 160-166 – flooding on trail from west of Easley to the Providence boat access
- MM 168-170 – flood
posted Jun 1 2013 3:25PM - Dawn Fredrickson, Katy Trail Coordinator

All, I apologize that my previous post got cut off. Here are additions to the list:

- MM 151 - flooding between Claysville and Hartsburg
- MM 168-170 – flooding near McBaine Trailhead
- MM 179-181 – flooding west of Rocheport tunnel to Davisdale Conservation Area

Local vehicular traffic is being allowed on the following sections due to flooding of local roadways:
- MM 61-63 - west of Matson
- MM 125-127 - at and west of the Mokane Trailhead
- MM 143 - the section of Katy Trail from County Road 391 to east of the N. Jefferson Trailhead

Road closures from flooding that impact the Katy Trail include:
- Hwy. 94 west of Matson Trailhead
- Hwy. 47 near Dutzow Trailhead
- Hwy. 94 between Rt. U and Rt. N in Warren County
- Hwy. 94 west of Bluffton.
- Hwy. 94 at Mokane.
- Hwy. 94 near Rt. PP approximately 1.5 miles west of Mokane
- Oilwell Rd. and the parking lot at N. Jefferson Trailhead.
- Rt. K near McBaine.
posted Jun 2 2013 11:42AM - Dawn Fredrickson, Katy Trail Coordinator

Dawn there are 3 large trees across the trail between Clinton and Windsor. One at Edwards and 2 more between Calhoun and about the 151 mile marker.
posted Jun 3 2013 6:38AM - David and Joyce, Garden City, MO

I'll be starting at Clinton in the am (4 June). Going about 80 miles per day. Any significant detours that I should know about?
posted Jun 3 2013 1:27PM - Al F., Fort Leonard Wood

Now thats a tough one Al. You'd think someone of authority would let us know stuff like that. Go figure.
posted Jun 3 2013 1:34PM - Anonymous

Got to thank Dawn for what she is able to provide. If it was me I would reschedule my ride until the trail clears up.
posted Jun 3 2013 3:11PM - Billy, Mokane

I have to agree with Billy. I hate to discourage anyone from coming to Missouri and enjoying the Katy Trail. But as you can see from Dawn's information above, posted yesterday, a lot of places along the trail and on the trail are flooded. It looks like most of them do not have detours. I'm in Jefferson City and the river is around 30 ft now, flood stage is 23, so we've got water over parking lots, and basically all over low areas. They are calling for rain in the middle of the week. If they were predicting dry weather from now until your trip, you might luck out and by the time you get started the water will have gone down, but at the moment that doen't seem likely. If you have reservations anywhere, I suggest you call those places and see what the owners can tell you about where they are. Check the weather forecast for central MO, and keep checking this forum for other updates from Dawn. And, usually, ignore people posting as anonymous. Most of them are lazy whiny trolls, like the one above.
posted Jun 3 2013 3:40PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

The gate in the Missouri River Bridge crossing is closed on the north side of the river (the capitol is on the south side of the river). Check with the City of Jefferson to see if it is open.
posted Jun 3 2013 3:44PM - Three, Jeff City

I hope the water will recede and repairs are made before the DNR hosted trail ride later this month. Especially with all the effort Dawn has put in to this event...
posted Jun 3 2013 6:48PM - RM, Troy, Mo

Cathy, generally I would agree about anonymous postings, however in this case I believe he/she was concerned that Al had missed Dawn's rather extensive coverage of the flood water's effect on the trail. Al might also have been making a joke as Dawn clearly let us all know where the problem areas are, and she did this over the weekend which I would have thought was a day off for her. Thanks Dawn.
posted Jun 3 2013 7:11PM - Doug, Bluffton

Does anyone know if the National Weather service geological prediction service is helpful for predicting trail conditions? The following is a link to river conditions at Jeff city, with a forecast for this weekend.
My wife and I were planning on biking the east half of the trail this weekend. The website's predictions bode well, but I do not know whether they are trustworthy or if they are indicative of usable trail conditions.
posted Jun 4 2013 9:12PM - Kevin, Columbia

I think the DNR advisories are more accurate and were just updated today: http://mostateparks.com/advisory/60601/flood-and-storm-damage-closures-katy-trail-state-park
posted Jun 5 2013 1:49PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

We were also planning a trip this weekend and it appears that the river is down but to he trail appears to still be closed various places east of Rocheport which is where we were planning to ride. If anyone has has info that the trails are back open please advise.
posted Jun 5 2013 7:39PM - Davis, Blue Springs

Although the Missouri River is going down rapidly, there are several places from McBaine to Hartsburg that are covered with mud or debris. Crews will be working this week and next to make repairs, but expect these sections to remain closed over the weekend. Please don't hesitate to call the Katy Trail State Park office at 573-449-7402, for last-minute updates before your trip.
posted Jun 6 2013 6:48AM - Dawn Fredrickson, Katy Trail Coordinator

Dawn, you and Ray (webmaster) are great.
posted Jun 6 2013 6:52AM - Billy, Mokane


Does this mean that the trail is open from Huntsdale West to Sedalia?
posted Jun 6 2013 10:38AM - Davis, Blue Springs

Davis,the trail is indeed open from Huntsdale west to Sedalia. There may be a few rough or squishy spots just west of the Rocheport tunnel, but bikes can get through. Enjoy your trip!
posted Jun 7 2013 7:41AM - Dawn Fredrickson, Katy Trail Coordinator

just spoke with Trail office and they indicated that trail will remain closed around Hartsburg and Portland area's due to heavy mud on trail. Need heavy equipment brought in to remove. does anyone have anything more details as we were going to ride from Sedalia East to St Charles starting Sat.
posted Jun 7 2013 8:32AM - Bob C, Lenexa KS

I just got home from a two day ride I camped at New Frankiln and rode west to Clifton City on Thursday and then rode to Easley today. The trail was a little rough between Salt Creek and Rocheport but passable. Some debris on the trail at Macbaine but nothing major. Went to the road just west of Easley and turned around.
posted Jun 7 2013 7:57PM - John Hilburn, Blue Springs,Mo.

Flooding from the Missouri River has rapidly receded and several sections of the Katy Trail that were flooded are now open. Trail users will still need to exercise caution because many of the flooded sections may have mud or debris across the trail. Cyclists, in particular, may need to walk their bikes in these areas. Additionally, crews and heavy equipment will be the trail all next week making repairs.

The following sections remain closed due to damage on the trail:
MM 34-35 – approx. 5 miles east of St. Charles.
MM 87-97 – starting three miles west of Treloar Trailhead
MM 115-117 – damage to trail at and west of Portland
MM 122 - severe washout at Auxvasse Creek Bridge west of Steedman
MM 125 - restroom closed at Mokane Trailhead due to flood damage
MM 143 – restroom closed at N. Jefferson Trailhead due to a leak
MM 155-157 – between Hartsburg and Rt. M
MM 169.5 – restroom closed at McBaine Trailhead due to flood damage

Local vehicular traffic is being allowed on the following sections due to flooding of local roadways:
MM 61-63 -- west of Matson
MM 162-163 -- at and west of Easley
posted Jun 8 2013 8:18AM - Dawn Fredrickson, Katy Trail Coordinator

I have plsns to start riding the trail on the 17th. Where can I get up-to-date trail conditions? Is this posting the best place? Also are there any sources that may be able to provide suggested detours in rough areas? Thanks!
posted Jun 9 2013 5:32AM - Jeff, Nazareth PA

Jeff, Dawn from MO DNR had done a great job of keeping this thread up to date, but still I would suggest checking DNR's advisories web page for the absolute latest info on flooding and other : http://mostateparks.com/advisories?parks=53010
posted Jun 9 2013 6:10AM - Ray (webmaster)

Dawn is one of the best resources in the Dept of Natural Resources! She works her tail off to keep the Katy pleasant and safe. I got to meet her a couple of years ago when she was coordinating a tram of senior citizens to see the fall colors, many of whom were seeing the Kary for the first time. Thanks for all you do, Dawn.
posted Jun 9 2013 1:57PM - Don, Ellisville, MO

Two of us rode through from Sedalia to the MKT Trail (229-170) without issue yesterday afternoon. There were a couple of spots requiring us to pass slowly due to washout dips, but the problems on this stretch seem to have been addressed, and there was nothing I would deem as troublesome.
posted Jun 10 2013 11:08AM - Cindy, LaGrange Park, IL

Posted yesterday about the clear section from Sedallia to Rocheport. Today, we took the Katy Trail from Rocheport to Jefferson City (with a side trip to Columbia on the MKT). There were a few bumpy patches between McBaine and Wilton, but the trail was blocked by a plastic mesh barricade from Wilton to Hartsburg (miles 157.4-155.9). We ignored the blockade and attempted to ride through, observing deep tracks from another cyclist in the only-sometimes-dry mud. This section definitely needs to dry and be cleared to be reasonably passable. We rode some sections in narrow truck tracks, but had to push through mud in others. For these two 45-year-old women carrying 25-pound loads on hybrid bikes with front suspension, it was a dirty and fun adventure, but those two mile took about an hour by the time we scraped enoug mud off the bikes to ride safely. Another couple of dry days ought to give officials the opportunity to open it up, but I'd advise against riding it for now.
posted Jun 10 2013 9:17PM - Cindy

Has anyone traveled west from St. Charles to Jeff City today, 11th? I have read the DNR report. Wondering the latest conditions because we are hoping to ride this section June 14-16. Thanks
posted Jun 11 2013 9:33AM - drod, Nevada, MO

Met some folks who reported a pretty decent passage from St. Charles to Tebbetts, so it sounds like the eastern section of the trail is good! otherwise, we rode today from Jefferson City to Hermann. Again encountered a few rutted and washed-out (but very passable) areas, most of which were well-marked. One bridge threatened to be closed but the plastic mesh barricade was removed long before us. I wouldn't ride this section on a road bike at this time due to the debris that still needs to be cleared in a few spots, but so many of the problem sections have already been addressed that one can safely cycle if paying attention.
posted Jun 11 2013 8:12PM - Cindy, LaGrange Park

We just completed Rocheport to Jeff City today and the trail is completely open! No barricades, no issues, a few minor rough spots. You can see how high the mud was, but the crews have it totally clear now!! No problems from Clinton to Jeff City! Hopefully we can get all the way to St. Charles now...
posted Jun 12 2013 1:28PM - Esther, Highlands Ranch, CO

Thank you for the update! I also heard from locals that east of Hermann it was passable. See you on the trail!
posted Jun 12 2013 4:09PM - drod, Nevada, MO

Things are looking up! Thanks for all the updates on the eastern part of the trail.
posted Jun 12 2013 5:48PM - MAH, Blue Springs, MO

My husband and I are planning to ride Rocheport to Hartsburg Monday, June 17...what are the recommended shuttle services from Hartsburg back to Rocheport? Good to hear the trail is open now.
posted Jun 13 2013 9:23AM - malia, chatham il

Not a lot of shuttle options in that area that I am aware of. Try Marvin Cotten, Boonville 660-537-0164
posted Jun 13 2013 10:01AM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

Great news! The majority of the trail is open except in a few locations. Staff has worked diligently to remove the mud and storm debris from the trail, and to repair washouts on the trail surface. Trail users will still need to be alert for rough surface in a few areas and the following areas remain closed until repairs are made:

MM 34-35 – mud and storm debris on the trail approx. 5 miles east of St. Charles
MM 87 – severe washouts on trail starting three miles west of Treloar Trailhead
MM 125 – restroom closed Mokane Trailhead, anticipated re-opening by Friday, June 14
MM 169.5 – restroom closed at McBaine Trailhead, anticipated re-opening by Monday, June 17
posted Jun 13 2013 5:38PM - Dawn Fredrickson, Katy Trail Coordinator

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