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Augusta Brewing Co. (Augusta)

We received VERY RUDE service from the Agusta Brewing Co.
My husband and I took a day trip bike ride with our two young children (3 and 1/2 yrs and 9 mons) on a Tuesday. We were starving after our long ride and most restraunts in town were closed except Ashley Rose's. After hearing that their food was "average" and overpriced, we went to Agusta Brewing Co. to eat. The place was open, however very few people were there -- the bartender and a few patrons. We walked up with our two kids and stood there for several minutes without even being acknowledged, even when it was very obvious we had been seen. The bartender looked straight at us and didn't offer us a table, drink, or anything! She din't even say hello! Frustrated, we decided to leave and ride back to St. Charles. It's a good thing we brought snacks for the kids. I don't know if our treatment was because we had small kids or not, but I would not recommend this place - especially if you have kids or it is during the middle of the week.
posted Apr 17 2006 10:25AM - Leah, Festus,MO

I'm sorry you had a bad experience. This is our favorite place in Augusta. If fact, we have an annual get together there with friends from Northern Illinois that drive down to our home in Central Illinois and then we travel together the 2 hours to Augusta. Great beer and food! I suspect there was a misunderstanding from both sides. You place your order at the cash register, pick your own table and the food is delivered. Please give it another try!
posted May 4 2006 4:21PM - Kathy M, Chatham

I agree with Leah of Festus, MO. On Colombus Day, 2006 my wife and I spent the morning on the Katy trail and then a visit to Balducci's Winery. We each had one glass of wine and then decided to head to Augusta because I really wanted to have some lunch and had heard they had good food at the Augusta Brewery. Leah was right about the service at the Augusta Brewery! We walked up and stood at the bar for at least 10 minutes while the girl that turned out to be the bartender walked past us several times back and forth to the "kitchen" without acknowledging our existence. Then a young man in a half-stooper (drunk), in his mid-twenties, (we are in our 40's) walked up to the bar and the same girl immediately waited on him. Next, another couple (mid-twenties) walked up to the bar and she proceeded to give them beer samples while ignoring our existence. Meanwhile, the first young man banged his head on the bar like a person banging his head against the wall and said "oh wow, that hurt". At that point we left. Just like Leah wasn't sure if it was her young kids we were noy sure if it was our age. Augusta Brewery - you deserve to go out of business!!

BTW, Balducci's had an awesome view and a pleasant "bartender" with great service. I only wished I had known that Balducci's served pizza because they do also serve beer from O'fallon Brewery.
posted Oct 9 2006 6:25PM - Jay Gardner, Sunset Hills, MO

I regularly ride here for lunch, and have always been happy with the service and food. Good casual dining overlooking the Katy Trail.

Important note: You /must/ go to the bar to order (and pay). They give you an artificial fruit to take to your table, so the server can find you.
posted May 20 2007 6:24PM - Jeff Grigg, Manchester, MO

My wife and I ate lunch at the Augusta Brewing company on Thurday of last week and had a very pleasant experience. The food was excellent. The service was'nt what you would expect in a sit down type of place, but we placed our order at the bar and our food was brought to the table in a short time. It was a nice place to sit and relax after the ride from St Charles. I will definitely stop there again on my next ride.
posted May 29 2007 3:44PM - Cliff, Edwardsville Kansas

We rode to Augusta from St. Charles and had dinner at Augusta Brewing Co. We were the only customers. The service was excellent, the beer cold, the food definitely a cut above ordinary pub food. The menu was much more limited than the menu on the internet but I am assuming that the focus is on the weekend. Also, it is possible I overlooked some of the choices in my haste to get food and anything cold as fast as possible. They close at 7:00 on weekdays and our server's comments led us to believe that they might close early in bad weather if nobody is there, so if you are counting on eating there call ahead. She said if they know you are coming they will stay open for you. Summary...we loved it.
posted Jun 9 2007 8:20AM - Jan, Villa Grove, Illinois

Ate there last year with no troubles. We actually had a great time! The waitress/bartender was very friendly and had a beer with us. The briset was very tasty as well as the hot pretzle. The beer is excellent.
posted Jun 13 2007 12:15AM - JME, Lake St. Louis

My husband and I love Augusta. Although, we do only go there for dinner. Their dinner food is amazing (although a little pricey). We have had lunch there but was not too impressed. I highly highly recommend going there for dinner, you will be pleased! I am sorry you had a bad experience, but you should give it another try.
posted Jun 29 2007 7:14PM - Nicole, Lake St. Louis

Fun place. Good food, good beer and fine service.
posted Aug 17 2007 12:15PM - Michele, Chicago

My wife and I stopped by Saturday afternoon. I wouldn't call the place real busy, but it wasn't real slow either. They were also preparing for a wedding reception (?) or some other event. Got immediate service as we walked up to the bar very sweaty from the trail. Only ordered a couple rounds of sport drinks (wine and 1856 IPA) and enjoyed them. Well, I enjoyed the 1856 IPA! I've been there 4 or 5 times at Augusta, and several trips to Square One in St. Louis. I think they brew all the beer at Square One, I could be wrong. Not really related to all this, I will give a big thumbs up to the Dutzow Deli and some place I can't remember the name of in Defiance I ate breakfast at (on the North side of 94) they had some interesting creatures hanging around!
posted Aug 19 2007 9:12PM - Jon and Sara C., Manchester, MO.

My wife and I stayed in Augusta over this past weekend...I hit the trail for a 68.8 mile clip (Augusta-McKittrick and back). We ate at the Augusta Brewing Co...Food was great, service was great...No problems. None of the help at the Brewing Co. had that demeanor while we were there, I'm happy to say.

FWIW, the HS Clay House B&B is an excellent place to stay while in Augusta...Excellent food, wine, and a very comfortable atmosphere. I will definately be coming back to Augusta!
posted Sep 5 2007 7:35AM - Tom Austin, Centralia IL

I love the Brewery! The beer is amazing and the service is awsome. I will be back soon.
posted Sep 8 2007 12:53PM - margo, St. Charles

Augusta Brewery and Square One Brewery are both owned by the same owner. They are nice people and if they knew you were having a bad experience, they would certainly respond to it. With two establishments they now spend most of their time at Square One. I would suggest calling Square One Brewery in Lafayette Square and ask to talk to Steve. He is the owner of both breweries and would be interested in hearing your comments.

I have been to both places frequently and find them both great spots.

posted Oct 7 2007 6:33PM - Scott S, St. Louis

We went last weekend to Augusta with another couple, had a great time at Wineries, shops. My husband prefers beer so we went to the Brewery. NO service...just stared at us a few times, after 20 minutes we left. I think they could have said something, we didn't know you had to go to the bar. They weren't very busy, tables were dirty. I agree with the other couple, not user friendly. Bummer!
posted Oct 15 2007 6:02PM - Maggie Mae, Rolla, MO

We've been to the Augusta Brewery twice so far and definitely plan to go back. I want to ride from St. Charles to there for lunch and then head back one day either this fall or next spring. The food was much better than we expected at such a place and the beer was great. I don't know what happened with the people who had bad service. I suspect thos people who had problems brought some of the attitude problem with them or the servers were simply having a bad day. Oh, I think they were preparing for some event one time we went. Still fine service and good food and beer.
posted Nov 4 2007 11:04AM - Bob Williams, Bloomington, IL

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