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take water!

Hi all. Please, please take adequate water with you on the trail - especially with this hot weather coming up. We live in Rocheport and put a couple hundred hours on the trail, each year. I have long maintained that the stretch from New Franklin to Rocheport is one of the most "difficult." By that I mean that if you are not acclimated to the heat you could well find yourself 4-5 miles from anywhere with no houses, no shade and brutal heat. The last couple months I have passed 4 water bottles to people hurting in that section. It's hard to stop and cool down too b/c the mosquitoes can be quite ferocious. The Katy is an AWESOME place but please pack enough water and take it easy if you start to feel too hot.
posted Aug 25 2013 10:11AM - tmiser

Good advice tmiser, I've heard some of the locals call that stretch of the trail "the desert". It can be brutal if not prepared.
posted Aug 25 2013 10:25AM - Paulie, Knoxville

An important message to bump to the top of the page...

posted Aug 25 2013 10:25PM - Anonymous

It's a 10 mile section tmiser and Paulie. 2 big bottles should get you that distance, hopefully? You are correct Paulie "if you are not prepared'. But there are many desert sections along the KT. The ones that do not have water at trailheads which is about half the trailheads. You need a big camelback backpack to be safe especially in this type of weather.
posted Aug 31 2013 8:50AM - Pseudio

McKittrick to Treloar is another desert.
posted Sep 3 2013 1:46PM - kevin, Jeff City

I'd say that Pilot Grove to Sedalia is another. ~20 miles with no water.
posted Sep 3 2013 1:50PM - Bob Evans, Nashville, TN

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