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Ride Report

Just finished a ride from McKittrick to Clinton and back to Sedalia over labor day weekend. our itenerary was:

Day 1: McKittrick to Hunstdale (side trip to Jeff City) [~80 miles]
Day 2: Hunstdale to Sedalia [~60 miles]
Day 3: Sedalia to Clinton and then back to Sedalia [~80 miles]

this is the first time any of the 3 of us had done the Katy Trail and we really weren't sure what to expect. We had a lot of questions that we had unanswered prior to starting. Below are a few of our general observations that should answer some of the unaswered questions. Bear in mind that we are all in our mid 30s and avid cyclists that ride over 3,000 miles per year.

1. You can ride 80 miles in a day and still have plenty of time for stops and sightseeing.

2. We averaged about 12 miles per hour fully loaded panniers.

3. We didn't notice any hills. Again, we are avid cyclists and are used to riding hills in TN.

4. The trail is mostly shaded with the exception of about three or four 2-3 mile sections between Green Ridge and clinton.

5. The strecth between Pilot Grove and Sedalia (~20 miles) is pretty desolate and there's nowhere to get water. Make sure to carry plenty.

6. The trail is listed as "gravel" but it's pretty hard packed and easier than most gravel roads I've been on. that being said, it is a little tougher than pavement and I would recommend some gatorskins or touring tires. I think you could ride 23s (if you're used to them) with no issues.

7. We all anticipated seeing a lot of other cyclists, but we saw very few except day trippers near the larger towns.

8. Once you get off the trail, the motorists are NOT very cyclist friendly. Be safe and always wear your helmet!!!

9. A lot of the general stores and restaurants have irregular/seasonal hours so don't assume something will be open. Always plan ahead.

10. Even if you ride a lot, be prepar
posted Sep 3 2013 1:29PM - Bob Evans

On this website in the FAQ the trail surface is described spot on as: It is covered in crushed limestone, which packs hard and is suitable for running, hiking, or any kind of bike. No mention of gravel there.
posted Sep 3 2013 6:08PM - Anonymous

Sounds like you had a great trip. I find your comments and observations helpful and very much in line with my experiences on the KATY.

Tire width is a widely debated topic on this forum, but I agree with your assessment. I run hardcase 28s on a single speed bike and love it.

Thanks again for taking the time to post your observations.
posted Sep 4 2013 6:40AM - Anonymous

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