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Fulton, Rocheport to Boonville

is it reasonable to stay in fulton and bike the trail? or too far away? is the trail from rocheport to booneville boring?
posted Apr 28 2006 5:54AM - robbie, iowa

The spur from Columbia to the Katy is very close to Fulton.....not unreasonable there at all.

To some, perhaps the Booneville to Rocheport section would be boring...no massive bluffs...no close proximity to the river...etc. In May of last year, we left Booneville early in the morning and rode through this section of the trail. It was one of the most memorable parts of our trip. The dew was on the grass next to the trail glistening in the morning sun, there were hundreds of bright blue indigo buntings, turtles, and even a few deer. Far, far from boring!
posted Apr 28 2006 8:36AM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

Very close means about 30 miles away. It would be just as close to stay in Fulton and drive
to the Jeff City trailhead...or the Hartsburg trailhead. And those trailheads are easier to find
than the Columbia. I have ridden the spur from the trail into Columbia and it just dumps you
out on a busy street. I am sure there is something I missed, but I have no idea what.
posted Apr 28 2006 2:15PM - sbikes, Kansas City

Columbia is 20 miles to the west of Fulton. Robbie asked about staying there....which is doable......and riding between Booneville and Rocheport. Going in a westwardly direction though, to reach those towns, one would theoretically approach the spur in Columbia that leads to the Katy. The spur is a decent ride if one so chooses. A major north to south street in Columbia is Stadium Blvd. From I-70....south on Stadium Blvd.....to the Martin Luther King Trail Head on the south side of the road. Not hard to find at all. When you ride the spur south from there...it dumps you onto out on the Katy Trail. Perhaps I have missed something, but I have no idea what.
posted Apr 28 2006 2:52PM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

robbie, i rode from rocheport to booneville and back this past year. i did not care for it at all except the part from new franklin to boonville and the rocheport tunnel. from readin the previous entries, i apparently just didn't hit it at the right times. the dew on the grass had to be gorgeous. the old building at pearsons on the trail is pretty cool. as far as the trail from colunbia to the katy, i have ridden it, it is a nice ride, and not that hard to find. have fun and happy bikin.
posted Apr 28 2006 5:35PM - frank, festus, mo

Many parts of the trail between Rocheport and Boonville have little or no shade. It can be a hot ride in the middle of the afternoon. Sounds like a perfect ride in early morning. Fulton is not an ideal place to stay if you plan to ride the Katy, but I'm assuming you have friends there are some other reason to stay there. The North Jefferson trail head is kind of remote and I would not be real comfortable leaving my car there overnight. If staying in Fulton, consider driving to Mokane to ride the trail.
posted Apr 28 2006 10:43PM - savage24, KC,MO

Savage24 is right about leaving your car at the Jeff City trailhead...but, it seems like this post
has taken on a life of its own beyond the original poster's note. Are you planning an
overnight? Do you plan to bike from Fulton to the trail head or drive? Whatever you end up
doing, have a great time on the Trail!
posted Apr 28 2006 11:10PM - sbikes, Kansas City

I agree with savage24, I would drive to Mokane and ride east.
posted May 1 2006 11:39AM - TRinJboro, Jonesboro, AR

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