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Catch the Katy - DNR Ride 2006

Is there any provision for laundry services? I'll probably stay in motels along the way.

Will there be any "beerless" nights?

Thanks, JEM
posted Apr 28 2006 1:37PM - Jack, Houston, TX

I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm also from Houston. When are you riding the Trail? I plan on riding around the middle of June. Did you ride the MS? DG
posted Apr 28 2006 3:12PM - Dave, Houston, TX

I plan to do the DNR Ride 6/19 thru 6/23. I rode St. Charles to Boonville in 10/04. I didn't do the BP MS150 this year, I decided after last year that there are just too many riders on the road. This year my wife and I were just volunteers; but, had just as much fun.

This year I want to do the whole Katy trail, and doing an organized ride is the only practical way for me to do it (if I can have clean clothes and beer).

Hope to see you there.
posted Apr 28 2006 3:58PM - Jack, Houston, TX

I'll be on the trail at the same time. Except I'll be going West to East. Have fun. DG
posted Apr 28 2006 5:41PM - Dave, Houston, TX

Jack, Most folks bring enough clothes for the week. Your best bet on finding a laundry mat would be Jefferson City (Tuesday) or Sedalia (Thursday).

Sunday: Trailhead brewery, St Charles.
Monday: A concession stand that sells beer at the ball park were we usaully camp may be open, otherwise their is a bar and a convenience store very close.
Tuesday: On the route, there are bars in Steedman, Mokane, & Tebbetts. C-stores and bars in Jefferson City.
Wednesday: On the route, there is Cooper's Landing at Easly, Lucy's at McBaine and Katfish Katy's at Huntsdale. I'm not sure if there is a bar in Rocheport, but I think the A-frame at the winery sells beer.
Thursday: On the route, bar and C-store in Pilot Grove, but that may be a little early still. Sedalia has bars and C-stores.
Friday: Windsor has a bar and C-store. So does Clinton.

Please remember that the state parks ride is a very family friendly event. If you bring beer to camp, be descrete and observe 'quiet hours'. If we are camped on school grounds or a park that does not allow beer, go to the bar. My friends and I have never had a problem.
posted Apr 28 2006 10:24PM - savage24, KC,MO

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