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The Freezy Breezy Katy Treezy - Thanks to all!

I just finished cycling the Katy this past week, and it was a cold one! Camping in 0 degrees and riding all day in the teens was exhausting and I wanted to put out a special thank you to all who helped me along the way. For filling up water bottles, letting me get warm for a few minutes or putting me up for the night. Thanks Missouri River Relief riverrelief.org and Jeff Barrow for the warm stay Tuesday night.

Casey's General Stores in Windsor and especially Pilot Grove, you guys really helped me out with letting me change clothes in a nice warm building. And to the Towns of Pilot Grove and Marthasville for allowing me to camp in your town parks.

Thanks to Doug Rendleman, rendlemanhome.com for letting me camp and build a fire in the yard and for the great company and sound advice. And thanks to Randy and Phillips 66 in Sedalia. And Darren and Larry for clearing all the downed trees between Clinton and Booneville.

It was a great trip, really enjoyed getting to meet all of you!

Oh yeah, Rocheport. Really glad you guys had the restrooms open, that was incredibly helpful.
posted Feb 3 2014 11:44AM - Eddie Buchanan, South City/Ste. Genevieve

Eddie, that is some accomplishment! Talk about testing ones mettle, "it was a cold one" is a tremendous understatement. It's an impressive feat.

You must know a bit about cold weather camping. I have to ask, what was your motivation to ride the trail in late January and in such cold weather?
posted Feb 3 2014 6:45PM - Darrell, Jeff City, Mo.

That's a question I wondered about too Darrell.

I would have guessed Eddie was on the lam. But that doesn't add up beings he let everyone know where he'd been the past week.
posted Feb 3 2014 7:02PM - Trek

Eddie, I bet a dollar that EVERYONE that met you last week feels like the blessing was theirs. Folks, he had a smile on his face and a positive attitude about life and the trip that was a real pleasure to see. Katy in a day? That's nice. Katy in JANUARY?! WOW!
posted Feb 3 2014 8:04PM - Doug, Bluffton

Awesome! Congratulations on your ride. Well done.
posted Feb 3 2014 11:12PM - El Toro

Congratulations on an epic ride!

Winter camping alone presents challenges. That, with getting up and riding the trail in our January weather would only complicate the issue for many of us.

Reading both of your posts here is quite refreshing. To do what you've done and then come here with such a positive attitude to thank those that you encountered along the way for the help is also congratulatory. It was nice to read about all the things that made your ride enjoyable, in January no less. The only problem you had was your water freezing.....to be expected!

Again, Congratulations!
posted Feb 4 2014 9:05AM - Trek

Congrats on your Very Cold Ride on the Katy! Thats a feat that I will never challenge, thats for sure! I try to stay in when its below 20 degrees out. I've read a lot of post on here and I dont think I have read of anyone else riding the whole 237 in the dead of winter and sub zero weather? But I have only been reading these comments for a year or so.

I rode the 237 in October and I thought the 40's was cold! LoL And its nice to read about others who have had good experiences on their ride and where, like you mentioned the Casey's in Windsor, those were the nicest ladies in that store and I will always remember that and if I have a group of riders going that way I will be sure to stop there everytime! Just because they were nice and smiled and were friendly! Funny how that works! I wish all businesses could understand that!

And also, I plan on riding other trails in the USA soon, because I like riding and traveling... but from reading your post and all of the others and my experience of the ride, I think this is the BEST TRAIL in the USA!

Thanks for sharing your Cold Ride and to all who have helped us bikers along on our journeys on the Katy!
posted Feb 6 2014 7:23AM - Will, Columbia, MO

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