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Riverview Traders General Store in Wilton

These guys were not friendly. They made jokes at me when I walked in and refused to fill my water bottle. The lady working there said I had to buy bottled water.
posted May 3 2014 7:19PM - Jwitt, St. Louis, Mo

Thanks for the heads up. They won't be seeing any of my hard-earned cash.
posted May 4 2014 12:19PM - El Toro

Witt, the businesses along the trail are typically friendly but some newbie riders have to be aware it's not a big open public park along the trail. These are private property owners who can choose who to serve and not to serve. Most of the business I've stopped at are very friendly. T word is tact.
posted May 4 2014 1:55PM - Anonymous

Its always great when businesses provide things like free water but the key here is that they are a business. Wilton is small so I don't think it is unreasonable for them to sell water as opposed to giving it away. As to the "made jokes at me" thing, I have a pretty thick skin.
posted May 4 2014 4:28PM - Jim, St Thomas

They have been nice to me every time I have been there. I either buy a drink or an ice cream bar when I stop
posted May 5 2014 2:29PM - dc, Jeff City

These people were great, only place open on the trail during the week. Saved my brother and I from certain death by heatstroke.
posted Jul 22 2014 6:34PM - Liam, St. Louis

I have always had a fantastic experience at this store in Wilton. They are super nice people who run a great little place. I am happy to support them whenever I pass through - in fact, I make a point to stop and buy a little something from them.

posted Jul 31 2014 5:38PM - sharonbikes, Kansas City

These are some of the nicest folks you could ever want to meet......perhaps you misunderstood their humor for "made jokes". Regarding having to "buy" water. This is a business, just like where you work and earn your paycheck. If you want free water from a fountain, ride 4 miles south to Hartsburg or 12.5 miles north to McBaine.
posted Dec 19 2014 10:28AM - chester, columbia

Wilton a great stop had the coldest beer there
posted Jan 5 2015 8:20AM - M.W, Florissant

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