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Mokane Market, Mokane, MO

Absolutely, without a doubt THE worst place on the trail. Please do not stop there unless it is a true emergency.
They could not care less that you are there, rude, unfriendly.
Avoid at all costs.
posted Jun 21 2014 6:37PM - Anonymous

Dang, I hate it when people get on my fellow town folks. I'll talk to the folks running the market and see if they can be a little friendlier. I know they are hard working people and put in many hours. You city slickers also have to know we don't move as fast as you may like. little slower here in the country.
posted Jun 21 2014 10:52PM - Billy, Mokane

We call the Mokane Market "Grumpy's." At least they won't refuse your dollar for a bottle of water. One of these days I expect to see a sign on the door that says "bicyclists aren't welcome." In which case I will go to the bar next door which is the exact opposite of Grumpy's. Mokane: Greatest bar on the Katy, worst store.
posted Jun 22 2014 8:53AM - Hank

Wasn't slow service, we welcomed the break. Just a very nasty attitude from the "gentleman" behind the counter, his female counterpart was only slightly better.
Stand by my comments, appreciate yours however, maybe you should buy the place, make it "biker" friendly, it would be a welcome relief.
posted Jun 22 2014 6:45PM - Anonymous

Same ol', same ol' with the Mokane Market! Civility is unimportant to some people. At least the whole community isn't that way.
posted Jun 23 2014 3:25AM - Darrell, Jeff City, Mo.

I wish people would stop with all the negative comments. Yeah, the people aren't the nicest or maybe it isn't their day. It is a much needed stop on the Katy and if it were to close, you and a lot of people would be in a world of hurt. Not everyone can go to the bar and eat a meal while riding.
posted Jun 23 2014 8:14AM - Pam, Independence

You are correct in it isn't always their day. In fact it isn't ever their day. The owner is rude and does not want cyclists. I frequent this portion of the trail often. My recommendation is to buy your water and supplies from the AMVETS or the Mokane Bar. Both are ran by appreciative business owners, the kind that welcome us cyclists with a smile and friendly chat. Mokane Market is an ideal spot for stopping I agree, but be warned your experience and your business will not be a positive one for yourself or the owners. Just don't go there, period. I hope all the time that there is a sign on the place saying under new management. They location is perfect for a fresh owner!
posted Jun 23 2014 3:30PM - Anonymous

They only get upset when 1) you put you bike on the plate glass window... Because do you realize how expensive they are? 2) you decide to start acting like the store is your own and going behind the counter... 3) I'm gonna be honest the women is a lot nicer when she is mad then the male is promise!
posted Apr 17 2015 3:44PM - Anonymous, Mokane

I think you're making excuses for the owners. I believe they just don't like bikers from the Katy. That is completely their within their rights. On the other hand there is no reason for a Katy rider to give them any of their money. Spend it across the street where it seems to be appreciated.
posted Apr 17 2015 5:03PM - Jim, St Thomas

I'm with Jim. I've never seen a bike leaning against a store window break it. Do they have bike racks to prevent bikes being parked/leaned against the window? They can help the situation or they can be mad about people wanting to give them money. We've all inadvertently walked behind a store counter. That's something that happens because we're all human. If the owners get upset because humans try to patronize their business, they may need to reevaluate why they're in business. They probably pay city and state fees to operate in their nice town and state.....something that should evoke a smile and friendliness towards the person wanting to give money away.
posted Apr 17 2015 7:17PM - Anonymous

A friend and I stopped at he Mokane Market one drizzly day in September, 2014 to have snacks, a sandwich and juice. They were friendly and not at all rude to us. I guess we were lucky?
posted Apr 17 2015 9:36PM - Desertpig, Tucson,AZ

Several years ago when my husband took our 12 year old daughter on the Katy Trail, a group of rednecks Honked and yelled obscenities at them and the proprietress at the store was surly and rude. Needless to say it rattled them both and they did not stay there to camp that night as planned. When they talked to a friendly sheriff in the next town, he drawled, "Those boys in Mokane would rather fight you than eat fried chicken."
posted Apr 19 2015 3:24PM - KC, Austin

This sounds like a fabrication as the next town or even the next six towns, do not have a sheriff.
posted Apr 19 2015 8:54PM - Doug, Bluffton

How clever. Towns don't have sheriffs do they?
posted Apr 20 2015 5:47AM - Anonymous

Another anon comment here. Sounds like Mokane is pretty popular for Katy bikers? Rather fight than eat fried chicken sounds a stretch too. Billy can tell you the real story about Mokane. I think I saw a TV Haunting episode about it a few years back. I'd say just keep on riding through.
posted Apr 20 2015 7:17AM - Anonymous

We will ride through Mokane, don't worry. Please don't doubt my report, my family members had no reason to lie and I was born and raised in Missouri. Perhaps it wasn't a "sheriff" who lightened the mood that day, but whatever rank of law enforcement he was, he was much more typical of the NICE WELCOMING people they met on their trek. Who were not in the town of Mokane.
posted Apr 23 2015 6:30PM - KC, Austin

Could very well have been a sheriff. Doesn't every county in the state have a sheriff? I doubt that there are any six towns in a row in any direction from Mokane that do not lie within any county boundary. Very possible to be in any town in the state and talk to a sheriff.
posted Apr 23 2015 8:16PM - Anonymous

The Mokane bar is great. Mokane as a town is just fine. Grumpy's Market has the endearing quality of being completely grumpy when it comes to bikers. So I walk in there with a big smile and hand over my dollar for a water and say thank you in a very cheerful way and leave with a smile on my face, while Grumpy at the counter keeps grumpin'.
posted Apr 24 2015 6:15AM - Hank

These people have been nothing but good to us when we stopped in. Go in smile and strike up a conversation. Every year we stop and chat with them. The owner even took my son and I back to the house and fired up his race car for us. Let the boy sit in it and have his picture taken. Don't skip this stop as it's vital location wise and the people that run it are great for us. I am not related or affiliated with them.
posted Apr 28 2015 8:17AM - craig, iowa

Whaaat? The Mokane Market is vital location wise?? And I've ridden the trail for years and have never stopped at this vital location. Last I checked I've still a pulse.
posted Apr 28 2015 10:23AM - Anonymous

I agree with Craig. I've never had a problem at the Mokane Market. This is one of the very few small grocery stores located close to the trail. I've always been friendly to the people there and they have been friendly to me. One time I went in they had neat old photos of Mokane hanging up and the owner told me about them. Go in with a smile, buy water (don't expect them to fill your water bottle), don't ask to use the bathroom (there's one at the trailhead, use that one), buy some snacks, support this business. When these people decide to move on, in all probability no one will replace them. Then there won't be a store in Mokane.
posted Apr 28 2015 6:42PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

Was in Mokane recently, visiting.. thinking about biking the Katy, lead me to this site..

Just want to say that we visited both the bar and the market. Now granted I wasn't dressed as a cyclist, but-
The food at the Mokane Bar was great, esp the burger and home fries. Love that they had Stag in a bottle, one of my favorite beers. The bartender was overtly friendly and even tried to put the Royals on for us (Cards country).. The people in there were friendly too.
As far as the market, I had a good time there too. The Elk head on the wall gets attention. The locals at the table were friendly and didnt mind "b.s.-ing" a little w us. Cant remember anything negative. And my wife is definitely a city girl. Again though, not dressed as a biker. Still feels like an old whistlestop
posted May 21 2015 1:51PM - Shawn, Mission KS by way of Fulton MO

Does "Anomymous = competitor?
posted May 21 2015 3:31PM - Tom, Baton Rouge

It's so true that bad publicity is better than no publicity at all. I'm going to stop at the Mokane Market just to form my own opinion!
posted May 21 2015 4:02PM - Donna, Shawnee, KS

I've never been there, but maybe they could take the bad attitude and just run with that. Ed Debevic's restaurant in Chicago has made a great business out of rudeness.
posted May 22 2015 7:32AM - Don, Ellisville, MO

I've been there. Parked my bike where I could see it, but don't remember if it was against their front pane. In any case, it was okay. Had a sandwich, chips, and a small can of soda for less than $4. Sat at one of their tables too.
posted May 22 2015 9:34AM - anon

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