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Place to sleep McBaine to Booneville

I am planning to ride with a friend from Jefferson City to Sedalia towards the end of July. I am looking for an inexpensive place to spend the night for 2 guys who are just riding the trail, and do not really care about potpourri and friffery. I know you are all thinking,"why don't you just camp?" We just don't want to try to figure out how to pack all the extra gear and get it on an Amtrak train.

I am doing this ride now so that I can ride the trail later this year with my daughter. It really is just a trip to get to know the trail, so I know what to expect when I ride it with her.

Any help with this last little problem would be much appreciated. I just want to make sure that I am not missing something that isn't listed on the website.
posted Jul 5 2014 10:27AM - Milden, Kansas City

For two guys that want separate beds, the Isle Capri casino would be a good choice. Right on the trail and about $80.
posted Jul 5 2014 3:30PM - MidSouth, Rogersville

Agree with Midsouth---except he forgot to mention the casino buffet--perfect for dudes who earned a trip to the buffet after a day on the trail.
posted Jul 5 2014 6:53PM - ArkyKenny

I appreciate your input. I checked the price of a double queen and it is fairly high on a Friday night. It is $179. It would be a sweet deal Mon-Thur though.

Thanks again!
posted Jul 5 2014 7:09PM - Milden, Kansas City

You can try a couple of the other hotels away from the trail in Boonville. All the B&B's we have stayed at in Boonville and Rochport only had one bed I believe.
posted Jul 5 2014 8:15PM - MidSouth, Rogersville

The Hotel Frederick has a couple rooms that are queen + double for $125 on Fridays if that fits your budget.
posted Jul 5 2014 8:24PM - MidSouth, Rogersville

The Holiday Inn Express and the Comfort Inn are reasonable and a short ride off the trail.
posted Jul 6 2014 4:47PM - Anonymous

Holiday Inn Express and Comfort Inn both are about $115 for a two bed room on Fridays. For only $10 more I would stay at the Hotel Frederick.
posted Jul 6 2014 5:01PM - MidSouth, Rogersville

Thanks for all your input and help. That is what I was pretty much coming up with. One hotel or another in the Booneville area. Maybe if I can get one more to go with us it will offset some of the cost.

Thanks again, and please post if you think of something else. I am checking daily.
posted Jul 6 2014 5:08PM - Milden, Kansas City

Pilot Grove is very close to Boonville. I have stayed at the Katy Junction B&B (last year, when it was Polly's). I don't know their current prices, though.
posted Jul 6 2014 7:08PM - Don, Ellisville, MO

$120 bucks for two is only $60 each. That's a bargain for a days worth of fun on the Katy.
posted Jul 6 2014 8:10PM - Anonymous

My husband and I just stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Boonville and it is a very nice place. You can pick up the trail within a mile of the hotel. I think we paid @ $115. Great management, nice pool and hot tub area, as well as other perks, and great breakfast in the morning.
posted Jul 7 2014 11:42PM - Donna Morton, Clearwater, Ks

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