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Glenn's Cafe at the Frederick in Boonville

My husband and I had been to Glenn's Café a few years ago. They served a wonderful meal "family style". So we thought it would be great to take our grandson for Sunday dinner after church. We were disappointed to find out they no longer served "family style" and had changed their menu. The food was a bit too fancy for our taste and over priced. But the worst part was, that we had to wait an hour and a half for 2 sandwiches and a hamburger! The fries came late. We did ask to sit outside but wouldn't have if we had known we would be waiting so long. The waitress was friendly and kept our water glasses full. We almost left but were told our food was coming. Ten minutes later we did get served. We were told that a group of ten people arrived and they were understaffed because they usually aren't busy on Sunday (I imagine so). Our grandson was a good sport. We did get a 20% discount, but we will not be returning or recommending this restaurant.
posted Jul 15 2014 12:17AM - Anonymous

Come on, what does this have to do with riding the Katy Trail? "The food was a bit to fancy for our taste, had to wait and hour and a half for a sandwich and hamburger". Wonder what would have not been to fancy? I believe a totally made up story...
posted Jul 15 2014 7:11AM - Billy, Mokane

I love fancy sandwiches...
posted Jul 15 2014 8:17AM - MidSouth, Rogersville

Many stay at the Frederick and eat at Glenn's while riding the trail. Although it looks like these folks were just out for Sunday dinner after church.

I don't understand stuff like this when from the start people set the stage explaining how they were wronged.

You were disappointed that the menu had changed. You could have left if they no longer had what you wanted. No hit, no run, no foul. Simple.

The food was a bit too fancy for your taste. Sandwiches, a hamburger and fries? Really? If they didn't have what you originally wanted on the menu and you thought it was a bit fancy, why not cut and run?

The food was too pricey. You could have left before ordering if you felt you were going over budget. Money management might be good to teach the grandson.

"We had to wait an hour and a half...." Really? Were you held hostage? You had to wait? Or, you chose to wait? Maybe you need to hone in on what is a reasonable time to wait. Perhaps your wait threshold is set too high and your complain threshold is set too low. Maybe you're waiting too long before taking action and are too quick to complaint and blame someone else for your poor choice.

Looks like you had time to wait (because you did) and you got a discount, so the food wasn't too over priced.

I'm not defending Glenn's Cafe. I do though, think that when people are old enough to have grandkids they should be old enough to understand a bit of personal responsibility and that they can often control a situation or event. You are not a marble in a fruit jar spinning out of control at the hand of the master jar spinner. You have choices. If you don't like what is layed out before you, leave. If you you choose to stay when its all so wrong, why complain about? It was your choice....unless in fact they did tie you to the chairs that were bolted to the floor and you really did have to stay and be cursed by the powers that be with such an experience.
posted Jul 15 2014 8:22AM - Trek

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